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Mouse anti‑Rat CD55 IgG1 Monoclonal RW-C210279-100
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Antibody: CD55 Mouse anti-Rat Monoclonal (RDII-24) Antibody, Application: IHC, IHC-Fr, WB, IP, Flo, Func, Reactivity: Rat, Format: Unconjugated, Unmodified, Descriptio: CD55 antibody RW-C210279 is an unconjugated mouse monoclonal antibody to rat CD55. Validated for Flow, Func, IHC, IP and WB., Targe: Rat CD55, Synonym: CD55 | CD55 antigen | Decay-accelerating factor | TC | CR | CROM | DAF, Hos: Mouse, Reactivit: Rat (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity), Clonalit: IgG1 Monoclonal, Clon: RDII-24, Conjugation: Unconjugated, Purificatio: Purified, Modification: Unmodified, Immunoge: NIH-3T3 cells expressing GPI-anchored rat DAF., Specificit: Rat CD55, Application: IHC
IHC - Frozen
Western blot
Flow Cytometry
Functional Assay, Performing IHC? See our complete line of Immunohistochemistry Reagents including antigen retrieval solutions, blocking agents ABC Detection Kits and polymers, biotinylated secondary antibodies, substrates and more: None, Usag: For immunohistology, flow cytometry and Western blotting, dilutions to be used depend on detection system applied. It is recommended that users test the reagent and determine their own optimal dilutions. The typical starting working dilution is 1:50. For functional studies, in vitro dilutions have to be optimized by the user., Presentatio: PBS, 0.1% BSA, Storag: Store at 4°C, stable for 1 year., Restriction: For research use only. Intended for use by laboratory professionals., Guarante: This antibody carries the RW 100% Guarantee., About CD5: Uniprot: P08174 NCBI: NM_000574 NP_000565.1

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