Terms and definitions


  GRAVITATIONAL FIELD - the narrow place of the wedge space), directed to the axis of
the circles in the circular magnetic field, and simply breaking down linear magnetic flux in the area of a “black hole”, where the flux density is about zero at the moment of its forming, and also a flux of any free particles and fragments of energy carriers and temporary particles integrations in groups.

  A gravitational flow can involve and involves any free particles, being on its way and increasing its forced action upon gases, liquids, and lattices of the substances, because of some periodical contacts in its motion. Required for electric current integrity of the ropes is absent because of permanent tearing the ropes in consequence of outbursts in the circles and breaking them down in a “black hole”.

  A gravitational flow (field) is an unstructured component of the structured (needles, threads, needles) magnetic field (flux), which is perpendicular to the latter in the circular magnetic fields.

  Let’s begin with explanation of the terms “Energy", “Work”, “Force”, “Magnetic field”, and “Gravitational field”, starting with the largest objects in the Universe – galaxies. There is a “black hole” – an area of the space with the less density of the gravitational and other flows in the center of the every developing galaxy. Out of turn, but it is necessary to stipulate the following farther, for excluding various reading. Nowadays in the science, it is generally assumed, that a “black hole” is an area of the space, in which a huge gravitational compression, from which even Light cannot break free. Modern science has not known yet what gravitation and Light are and how they are forming. By that cause, everything is lumped together as on a refuse dump, on which it is impossible to make out anything, and they called all of a lump as the “Black hole”, having attributed properties to it as to a whole thing. If we examine a refuse dump closely, we could see a lot of different objects, which won’t be considered as the whole thing. For example, a pair of shoes could not give a univocal definition even the refuse dump appearance. A general name “garbage” will remain as usual. Let’s begin digging into it.

  At the moment of the formation after collision and explosion of stars and galaxies, a “black hole” becomes an area of absolute empty space for a short period of time of matter and energy carriers motion after the shock wave, where then energy carriers and substance will flow in, from which neutron body of a star or a stars group will be built in a moment. From here, it is seen, that there will be a body, or bodies of future stars with the maximal density of the 1-st parallel world in the area of the space with the less density, i.e. a simultaneous existence of the both.

The “black hole” is a “mother” of a nascent star or a stars group.

  Gravitational flows, i.e. smaller structures, than needles, threads, ropes of the electric magnetic fields come to the absolute empty space, and that is a process of division with capturing larger area of the space – it is energy. Let’s mark: a gravitational flow is ENERGY!

  As it permanently comes to that area of the space, its compaction runs with forming chemical elements of the 2-nd parallel world from neutrinos, which we call as neutrinos’ clouds, or dark matter. Free neutrinos with linear and curvilinear motions unite in chemical elements with transmitting to rotary and oscillatory motions with decreasing in their action volume in the flow – it is energy conservation, i.e. work.

  Energy – “division” passed to the “integrity” phase, i.e. to the 2-nd parallel world work. Conversion of the 2-nd world chemical elements from neutrinos to the 1-st world neutrons is carried out at the moment of the shock wave generation into the “black hole” “pulsar”. The denser integrity of neutrinos takes place there, i.e. work – energy conservation continues.

  A star neutron body from “neutrons’ pentads” and Hydrogen “cubes” is conserved energy. Having flowed from the star globoid body, for instance, from the Sun, a film from neutrons’ pentads and Hydrogen “cubes” tears into threads of diameters from hundreds up to thousands of kilometers, inside of which the further their partial division takes place – it is giving energy off, i.e. a thermonuclear process in the threads of its atmosphere. Behind the shock wave, the Light needles, threads, and ropes are formed again in the atmosphere threads – it is an integrity, i.e. work on forming energy carriers with a neutron (nuclear) engine, which are carried away to the cosmos. In the Light rope, the less gravitational compression of the magnetic field is on the periphery, and those threads continuously leave it, scattering Light, i.e. the division occurs, and this is giving energy off. Having met the Earth atmosphere, Light continues splintering – giving energy off. Having collided with a crystal lattice of the Earth’s surface, Light ropes’ remnants break into separate carriers – this is thermal energy. While colliding with a plant leaf, Light breaks into thermal carriers, which form a flux through the leaf forming the 1-st world chemical elements in liquids. So, a plant grows using as final chemical elements of the soil, so forming them from Light – conserving energy (doing the work).

  Two main carriers – a neutrino and a neutron, are emphasized there, and a wrong notion can be formed, that while forming them, and chemical elements from them afterwards in neutrinos’ and neutrons’ clouds at the presence of thousands of other various carriers, forms nothing. However, that’s all wrong. Chemical elements and energy carriers of another parallel worlds (and in larger quantities, than in the 1-st world) are formed parallel to that under the same conditions (in the same fluxes). We – people are a product of the 1-st world development with our organs of outward things perception, and having no necessary instruments, we percept another parallel worlds just indirectly, to a certain degree. Let’s remember only two examples to confirm the said. In Donetsk, on the 3-d of March 1978, a crane operator of a timber-yard, Yulia Feodorovna Vorobiyova accidentally touched a bare conductor under tension of 380 volts with her head. A flash. A blinding electric shock threw Yulia Feodorovna aside. A doctor certified a death and the body was packed off to the morgue. The deadness was conspicuous: no breathing (!?), no pulse, the derma turned black, the left eye burnt down. On Monday, the 5-th of March, students of Donetsk medical college had practical trainings in the morgue, where her body was prepared for autopsy. One of the students apprehensively incised with a scalpel the body from its groin to the throat. The blood welled out… After lingering torments, she survived and “acquired” another X-ray sight, and in colour, unlike accustomed black-and-white, achieved with the help of technology. Mrs. Vorobiyova possessed her gift until her death in 1989.

Let’s answer a set of questions to us:

1. Did Mrs. Vorobiyova acquire such a gift, or do all people have that gift? It is difficulty to answer the question quickly, but if you ask yourself another felicitous question, the answer will be instant.

2. Does such sight help a person to survive, or hamper in the natural selection? Naturally it hampers, because it very distracts with trifles, especially in the hour of danger.

  Sight is distracted by everything what moves, including a beating heart, plus a multilayer picture, if a several persons stand one after one. Such an individual is doomed to death in nature. Light comes to eyes of all people with all its components striking at rods and cones of an eyeball, in which, coming to the brain electric signal is generated because of the piezo effect. A little larger, than a neutrino X-ray energy carrier has a whole series of them. Needles, threads, and ropes from them have got a magnetic field from neutrinos, like in the needles from neutrons of usual Light. During a piezo effect, lattices in rods and cones are compressed by light needles, threads, and ropes, which bring with themselves a set of X-rays and other radiations. While compressing the lattices by Light, it occurs Light breaking down together with magnetic fields. A carrier of magnetic fields and electricity is one and the same – a neutrino. After Light breaking down, a high density of all carriers is formed on the rods and cones in the surface layer of the lattices. The carriers form fluxes in the lattices, where from alike carriers begin to form needles, threads, and ropes of electric current, X-ray current, and currents of another radiations! All the currents inseparably come to brain through conductors, and pass via input diodes with p-n junctions (they have the property of conducting current in one direction only). The brain has diodes on all input and output lines to exclude confusion of signals. Just p-n junctions mainly consume Oxygen. During evolution, layers of crystalline substances cutting detrimental signals off were formed in the diodes. For instance, they are lattices of Lead or of Mercury. X-ray carriers are not many in the total signal, in comparison with a neutrino, and their ropes are very short, what allows them well to interpenetrate the substance, but in any mechanical colliding by lattices’ needles, they easily break down to free carriers in Lead or Mercury. Longer ropes of electric current penetrate that barrier without scattering, having a stable flux, continuously renewing after breaking down. A strong electric signal damaged (broke) Vorobiyova’s lattices on entrance of diodes, having removed a protective screen, and her brain began to receive a “full” signal from all currents. In other words, Yulia’s sight returned to the earliest times. Such a phenomenon can also occur in two cases, when an organism lacks necessary chemical elements for the diodes for quite different reasons, and when the brain has additional parallel lines with diodes without screens, with a property to receive signals through any of the lines by a command of the brain. Such an 11 years old girl, who can switch over to X-ray sight of her own volition, lives in Ukraine. At present, the girl’s phenomenon is studied in England.

  Let’s ask ourselves, where are scattered by the diodes “harmful” X-ray and other carriers, which continuously come through eyes? They naturally are scattered around a head into environment, i.e. their constant flux exists, and they are conditions for forming chemical elements, and substances of other parallel worlds (phantoms) from them.

  Such emissions from an organism occur after breathing, drinking liquids, and eating. On the whole, if a man is in a trench, for example before an attack, for a long breathless expectation, a 2-nd world crystalline “invisible monument” will be built from his emissions. The man will leave this place, but the “monument” will have remained for centuries. If a tree is sawn down, it will have a “monument” like this.

  Let’s acquaint ourselves with Alexander Yagodkin’s article “Extraterrestrials were being found, but … THE PAST has been found,” published in a newspaper “Panorama No 12, in 2004.

  “In general – the first expedition to the Khopyor started because of a UFO. Airmen rendezvous with unintelligible spheres in the air were informed from Borisogleb air school. They chased the aeroplane, holding its heading and speed, made breackneck banks, as if attacking the aeroplane, blocked its landing. The airmen applied for keeping their flights observing. Heinrich Silanov, a chief of a spectral laboratory of a public enterprise “Voronezhgeologiya” led the expedition. In all Mr. Silanov has conducted 15 expeditions to Novokhopyorsky internal fault zone and collected enormous quantities of materials; five serious large themes.

  Let’s begin with one. It should be said there, that a human eye perceives just a bitty region of the optical spectrum – from 400 to 700 Nm. On either side of it, huge regions lie, where we can penetrate only with special equipment.

photograph 1 photograph 2

  After expedition “Khopyor-90”, equipment with a set of lenses for photographing into ultraviolet region of the spectrum from 190 to 800 Nm have been made. The equipment and special photo materials allowed looking into some unknown world. The first photograph was taken by the new camera in Voronezh near the laboratory, where a car of one of the members of the geological exploration expedition stood. It was developed and seen: outlines of another car to have stood there before plucky developed near the car photographed just then. Some super printing was assumed, though the exposure was only one. Then another photograph was made near the expedition. Two members stood there, and they were asked to step aside. But a diffuse image of the stood two people like at a time exposure was seen in the developed photography.

  Scientists are afraid to speak aloud of a sense of such a result, but the past proved to be preserved in the ultraviolet spectrum!

  At that there is no a geological fault in Voronezh, as on the Khopyor. Next expeditions to the Zone brought a vast number of amazing photos.

  A tied sack with an inflatable boat fragment beside was seen well in one of the photographs. A woman’s figure, machines and motorcycle parts, numbers plates, a stepladder, and a lot of other unrelated objects well distinguishable there. As if they were from different times. A tree with a broken top off was in the right corner of the photograph (photograph 1). That tree without the crown had stood on the Khopyor bank.

   Several years ago a strong wind broke it off. But the tree preserved into a “Memory of the Field” in full size.

  The broken crown was inscribed not so sharp, as the remained tree-trunk, but quite crisply.

  Heads of sitting in a trench soldiers were seen in other photograph made on the same day (photograph 2). In the Patriotic War years, battles took place there. The three heads in the helmets were sharp distinguished in the photo. The soldiers were seen to be in the trench and to look out intently forward as if before an attack. But their helmets looked strangely – Red Army men didn’t wear such ones. Just later, it was found out, that in 1941 – 1942, Ludwig Svoboda’s Czechoslovakian regiment was formed in those places, and it was Czech soldiers’ form. Studying a phenomenon of the “Memory of the Field”, as Silanov called it, the expedition members found out, that some plots from the past were developed themselves better in the form of the negative. The similar phenomenon is known by the famous Turin shroud, in which, according to the old tradition, Jesus Christ was wrapped after the Crucifixion, and on which his image was imprinted.

Oh, Field, Field, Who Has Cropped You?..

  Silanov considers, that written down at the given point of space subject doesn’t change its space coordinates with the passage of time and is preserved there for the indefinite long period, while they have never succeeded in reproducing once photographed fragment from the past at one and the same place, but instead of it, they obtained various photographs as by the plot, so by the time. Many events were understood to happen at each place in the course of time, and all of them preserve into “memory”, superimposing. To reproduce a certain subject is a slight chance. Photographs with one and the same subject were succeeded in obtaining, while multiple photographing one and the same area with short, 5 – 10 minutes intervals. Once, during three duplicate photographs of a walking soldier with a rifle were obtained. At that, neither his posture, nor foreshortening was changed.

  Sometimes, the “memory” is used to be as distinctly expressed, that it is difficulty to be distinguished from a usual photograph. In this case, photography seems to fall into optical-magnetic resonance. Sometimes, stages of movement, for example, turning a head, are developed in the photograph. In such cases, a series of pixels is depicted in the photo.

  As to photographs range of times, it is very large. There are photographs of great antiquity, which can be dated XII – XIII centuries. A photographs collection of the expedition impress by variations of the fixed time. The most ancient one is a bottom of the Palaeogen sea with some luminous creatures, similar to cuttlefishes. This had happened at the place millions of years ago, where nowadays the Khopyor runs.

  A photograph might be dated, where a rope way across the Khopyor and a warrior with a quiver and arrows behind his back, looking like an Asian are seen. It seems to be the Tartar-Mongolian invasion period. There’s a photographer, where images of trees hang in the air. The probability is that the trees to have grown on a bank eaten away by the ancient Khopyor afterwards.

They are riding, laughing, and chewing Hoosier cakes…

  Silanov’s investigations are treated differently. It is but reason, that academicians could not hazard their reputations and statuses; they should be given physical evidences, which could be felt and measured. There are people, who take Silanov’s expeditions seriously. For instance, a top specialist of the Mission Control, Mrs. Lyudmila Tselina: “Obtaining at photography in wide spectral range the “Memory of the Field” effect will be able to claim the great scientific discovery at more serious its confirmation in applied sciences – archeology, history, criminalistics, and others”.

  True, a familiar ecologist, also a man of science, considers differently: “a great discovery” nothing; it’s global changes in the mankind civilization!

  The seen by me is a certain suggestive Door in a Wall. As we are standing beside, listening, watching, and absorbing accidental manifestations of the situated quite near”.

  Before known Kirlian’s photographs in a high-frequency field, on which an imagine of a maple leaf preserving after cutting its off and taking aside a half of the leaf, and then taking aside the whole, but the image remained (phantom), must began to be actively retraced in yourmemory.

  Spirits and ghosts also regard to phantoms, i.e. to the 2-nd world monuments.

  While slow moving, such monuments can be many, and they can be taken as real moving objects. It is enough to look at a “mystery photograph”.

  Though we have got off a subject already, but let’s answer the questions to us: “Can a phantom be alive in the life, and after death?” Yes, it can be alive in the life, and it is like this after death.

  In moments of emotional stress, such a phantom “alive” can visit a place, which much troubles you, and bring real information from there, for example, about the husband from a battle field. Such stories are many of thousands. A phantom “alive” is a poltergeist, a “soul” after death, as we see, eternal. All these phantoms – souls are among us – and this is a clannish, communal, and national spirit. They live in the 2-nd world, like us in the 1-st one. They can transit to the 3-d world and so forth, under the same principle.

  Let’s return to our terms and definitions. Let’s consider a moving Diesel car. Diesel fuel is hydrocarbon fuel, in which only Hydrogen is exposed to combustion, i.e. to dividing and giving energy off. The fuel comes from a fuel tank to high-pressure plunger pumps, in which work on compacting the liquid (additional energy conservation) is done. Then the fuel comes to injectors, where it is atomized. Dividing the liquid structure occurs. This is giving energy off (back action to energy conservation in the plunger pump). Farther, a piston compresses quite quickly giving energy off fuel vapours, tending on the contrary increase in volume.

  In strictly opposite aims of the piston and the fuel vapours, something has to break down: either lattices of the combustion chamber, and the piston, or the structure of the fuel vapours and its chemical elements. The structure of the fuel and its chemical element Hydrogen breaks down under the projected conditions with the help of active gas chemical element Oxygen. Hydrogen, breaking down to free neutrons, increases thermal carriers’ density in the combustion chamber before beginning forming Light needles, threads, and ropes (the fuel explosion) with sharp activation of the Hydrogen dividing chain process (the fuel combustion). Activation of Hydrogen dividing brings to sharp increasing in thickness of Light ropes and their length, what in their turn increases pressure of nuclear impacts upon the lattices of the piston and the combustion chamber. Having imagined other chemical elements, besides of Hydrogen, additional breaking downs, Light ropes’ power would achieve such a level, when they begin to break the lattices down like a laser.

  Force, pressing the piston is total neutron (nuclear) force of the Light ropes, which, breaking down, transforms into a gravitational flow through its body increasing in action of force.

  So the force, pressing the piston, consists of two components – neutron (nuclear), and gravitational forces.

  The gravitational flow simultaneously is thermal. The both are to give energy off. Having scattered in the gas atmosphere, heat increases in twisting gases, i.e. does work on energy conservation. Impulse of force is transmitted through mechanical transmissions to the drive wheels, which moves the car because of the surface friction on the roadway. Breaking down materials of both roadway and wheels with transforming into heat occurs in places of the wheels frictions on the roadway, and this is giving energy off. Rubbing on the car body air also breaks down with giving energy off. As we see, after doing mechanical work (energy conservation as elastic deformations) in the cylinder, thermal energy is transformed into the thermal one again, and then conserved in the environment.

  In that example, we considered the force acting on the piston and consisting with two components – light, and gravitational forces of the fuel.

  Weight - is a contact action of the Earth’s directed gravitational flow carriers (the unstructured perpendicular component of the magnetic lines of force of the circular Earth’s magnetic field (Fig. 9)) gases, liquids, and lattices of substances. It could be imagined on the Earth’s surface level like rain and hail. Raindrops are free neutrinos, and hails are free neutrons. Weight is force of gravity.

Let’s quote from a school textbook on physics.

The last formula could be considered as the more completed expression of the second Newton’s law.

  Acceleration of the body motion is directed equally with the acting on the body force, and is proportional to it, and is inversely proportional to the body mass.

  So acceleration of the body is defined by two (and only by two) quantities: by force, which causes an acceleration, and the body mass. For example, a car with certain mass, under the action of the certain force, will be always moving with the same acceleration irrespective of where it is, what its speed is, and etc… An acceleration of a body doesn’t depend on its volume, density, speed, other bodies locations, which don’t act on it, - only force and mass are of importance”.

  Returning to the antecedent definitions of the total mass and gravitational field, at once we come on the following contradicting statements from the textbook cite with them:
− it will be always moving with the same acceleration irrespective of where it is;
− an acceleration of a body doesn’t depend on its volume, density, and speed.

  Let’s imagine a picking up speed car on a road in a heavy hailstorm. You have imagined, haven’t you? And now, let’s imagine the same picking up speed car, but in a heavy mist, and let’s compare the two pictures.

  Let’s imagine the car body as a lattice, and both the hailstorm and the heavy mist as various gravitational flows.

  The car moving forces are equal in the both cases. Could the car obtain a similar acceleration? Even without mathematics calculations, the accelerations would be conspicuous different, because different in both density and carriers gravitational flows will pass through the car body lattice, and it is a different energy mass, and correspondingly, the total car mass will be a variable quantity.

  Therefore, acceleration depends on where a body is, its volume, density, and speed, and the second Newton’s law could be used only in local space areas with rough assumptions, which suit practicians.

  Let’s consider another two forces – inertial force, and centrifugal force.

  Suppose, you ride in a bus, standing on your feet, and it put the breaks unexpectedly for you. Your body was continuing moving towards the same direction after the bus stopped. We usually speak, that it is action of the inertial forces, but it is only words to the given phenomenon, but nothing else. How is it linked with the galaxy, star, planet, and what kind of its mechanism to act?

  We have already stated, that any gravitational flow is energy, and force of gravity is directed impact of its carriers against “hedgehogs” of gases, liquids, and substances lattices, which is constantly supplied by the gravitational flow of the planet, star, and galaxy, and the Universe on the whole.

  Let’s conventionally consider your body as a crystalline body, on which only the gravitational flow of the Earth, Sun, and galaxy acts forming weight impact at the motionless bus. At bus motion, energy mass will add to our mass, which, in the given case, is essentially a transverse gravitational flow relatively to accustomed Earth’s vertical flow, directed opposite to the motion direction.

  Why is that gravitational flow inside of the body lattice essential a vector energy mass, but not simple force of gravity? There are no gravitational flows through the bodies just in two cases at zero – time in the Universe.

  If the energy mass could be considered as a simple gravitational flow, where will the third case – equality to zero of the flow (when the body at rest, and there is a gravitational flow of the planet and the star) have got to? Obviously, in the body lattice motion, a gravitational flow forms additional directed variable mass inside of it, which serves as retarding force and is essential an additional loading for any spacecraft.

  When we use a term of “overload” for starting cosmonauts, we speak of energy mass, but not of any external force as an additional load. The external additional load could not change the cosmonaut’s gravitational time, but his energy mass sharply
accelerates it. Tempo of his living is accelerated, and he more actively begins to get old.

  All the kinds of sustained motion, either riding on a car, or horse, or fast running, lead to the pre-term ageing of the organism and giving an appetite because of the presence of the energy mass.

  Einstein’s assumption of a cosmonaut, returning young after his durable flight, is absolutely wrong: he will die much earlier, than the twin-brother.

  After the body has stopped, the possessing inertial properties energy mass couldn’t collapse at once. Due to it, the inertial force occurs.

  Energy mass couldn’t become force in the classical sense, but for the main reason: it will be in the body lattice and at uniform motion, and at braking, and at acceleration, and always it will be retarding force as an additional load, besides of the case of free fall towards the gravitational flow direction.

  Let’s return to the sharp stopped bus, and to your body in the shape of a lattice with an additional energy mass. The bus speed becomes equal to zero, but energy mass flux motion, through your body lattice, continues, because it is necessary some time to
scatter it.

  During the bus motion, the energy mass flux pulled towards its motion “hedgehogs” rotating skipping ropes (needles paired couplings) of your body lattice, and after the bus has stopped, and flux displacement inside of the lattice, freed elongate skipping ropes rushed to their former places, characteristic of the lattice state of rest, capturing Earth’s gravitational flow at its motion, and forming a flow of opposite direction, i.e. towards the former motion, because of neutrons’ (nuclear) forces of constricting needles. Force of gravity - energy mass of the opposite direction, which moves your body towards the bus motion, has occurred. As we see, inertial force is also force of gravity, and it could be called anti- or regeneration energy mass, generated by neutrons’ (nuclear) forces of constricting “hedgehogs” needles, after ceasing source motion, induced its occurring.

  Let’s come to consider forces connected with bodies’ rotation: centripetal, and centrifugal. In straight-line motion, velocity changes in quantity, but the direction remains constant. Velocity increment for the short period of time has the same direction, what velocity does (Fig.10).

  In curvilinear motion, velocity constantly changes in direction, and, besides of it, could change in quantity. In that case, velocity increment direction already does not coincide with velocity direction.

  A case is shown in the Fig.11 (à), when velocity of the point has changed its direction, and increased in for some period of time. For example, a motion of a horizontally thrown stone. Earth gravity constantly increases velocity of the stone, and altogether, changes its direction. A case is shown in the Fig.11 (b), when a point velocity changed in its direction and reduced in. For example, a stone is thrown at the angle to the horizon. As the stone moves upward, Earth gravity constantly increases velocity of it. At last, in the Fig.11(c), a case is shown, when velocity has changed in its direction, but not in quantity. Such a change in speed takes place while moving any point of the uniformly rotating body. Let’s consider the last case more particularly. Suppose we have a very short period of time, during which a change in speed is occurring. In that case, there would be a small angle, through which velocity vector would turn, and an angle between velocity v and velocity increment ∆v is almost right. As at circular motion, the velocity is directed perpendicular to the radius, we can assume, that changing in velocity ∆v is directed along the radius to the center of the circle, in which the point is moving. If the body moves at angular velocity ω, it will turn through an angle ω∆t for the period of time ∆t. Velocity vector of the point will turn through the same angle for the same period of time. The change in velocity ∆v can be assumed equal to the arc described by a tip of the vector.

Then be found

  Now let’s remember, that acceleration is ratio of velocity increment to the period of time, during which the increment has occurred. It refers to the curvilinear motion also. At uniform rotation, the point acceleration, as well as a change in velocity, is directed to the center of the circle, in which the point is moving. Therefore acceleration of the points of the uniformly rotating body is called a centripetal acceleration. Let ac denote a centripetal acceleration. It is equal to

Hence, by the second Newton’s law, centripetal force would be equal to

Centrifugal force is called force, with which rotating bodies elongate a bond holding them in the circular orbits.

The presence of the centrifugal force is seen from an example of an attached stone with a cord (Fig.12).

  At the stone motion, the cord strained towards the center of the circle. Tightening force of the cord is a cause occurring uniform motion of the stone in the circle. If the cord is torn off, that force will collapse, and the stone will fly in a straight line – a tangent line.

  The above stated centripetal, and centrifugal forces are classical physics. Before rotating stone, at first both the cord tensile deformation and the stone lattice one occur. It was also stated there and that was right again.

  Elongation is directed towards the axis of the rotation. Where has that elongation gone to at the moment of the cord breakage? Why has it not affected the stone motion direction, as though it was not?

  All modern physics can’t answer those two questions.

  Knowledge of the energy mass existence allows getting the answers instantly.

  The centripetal force is a primary cause for the stone circular motion with elongating skipping ropes (paired needles) of “hedgehogs” towards the axis of rotation, and that is evident and clear. Nothing transpired of the centrifugal force beyond its name and what it does. It elongates the cord, and that’s all! The centripetal force is certain to have a bound, but the centrifugal one doesn’t have anything by classic physics! There is just a phenomenon.

  After the moment of straining the cord, let’s begin moving the stone circularly, and energy mass, directed against its motion as usual and acting retarding, will occur at once there. In the given case in distinction from rectilinear motion, it acts at an angle with the radius passing through the center of gravity, as at the entrance, the flow is perpendicular to the radius, turned through any angle. After resolving energy mass (gravitational flow) along the radius and perpendicular to it, we will obtain two components (Fig. 13). The force acting along the radius, directed from the center of rotation is centrifugal.

  So the centrifugal force is gravitational force being a component part of the energy mass.

  The centrifugal component of the energy mass brings the primary elongation of the skipping ropes and the lattices into the normal position, acting with the same quantity of force in opposite direction. At the cord breakage, there are not any elastic deformations in the stone, and it flies tangentially.

  While testing abrasive grinding wheels, by means of which they grind metal parts, sometimes the wheels break down. It is generally blamed on the centrifugal force. Let’s look at Fig. 13. It is well seen, that velocity component v1 ′ is considerably larger, than v1 ″, and the breakages are blamed on the energy mass, but not its centrifugal component.

  Let’s have a look at Fig. 13 again. It is seen, that v>v1>v2, and accordingly, retarding the energy mass will be maximal, where velocity is the largest, and this is certain to bring to another motion – rotary one around the zone of the maximal retardation at the cord breakage, as the centrifugal component of the energy mass will not collapse at once, having inertial properties.

  Let’s come to the next forces – of attraction and weight (we have begun to consider the latter already). Let’s begin with the force of attraction. From classic science, we have known, that the Universe attraction of bodies derives from existence of gravitational fields around them – a special type of the matter. As the force of bodies’ interaction is proportional to their masses, the gravitational field of the larger mass is stronger, than of the small one.

  So far we see just a words’ collection without any special sense, and a formula

to be alleged the law (?!) of gravitation. To make such statements basing just on knowledge, that the gravitational field is a special type of the matter, is an irresponsible thing at least. All fields in a schoolbook of physics are special types of the matter, what means, in translation into a human language, only one thing – we don’t know anything on that question and use by only suggestions.

  An English physicist Cavendish (XVIII) used torsion balance, in which two small metal balance spheres on the bar attracted to two fixed large metal spheres, for determining the gravitational constant (γ). The attraction fact was fixed, and the experiment was right also. Where is the problem in? It’s in the interpretation of the experiment! Before appearing neutron physics, they proceeded from the assumption, that this is properties of the bodies’ fields.

  Neutron physics states and proves, that bodies don’t have any gravitational fields, and accordingly, they don’t have any properties to attract anything. Planets’ magnetic fields are electric by nature – that will be explained further. If bodies don’t attract, why does that process occur on the torsion balance? A gravitational flow has the property to attract bodies! Nothing flow, nothing attraction!

  How does it occur? Let’s look at the Fig. 14(à), where two metal spheres are depicted with symbolic lattice, and they are flowed around by the Earth’s gravitational flow.

  Any lattice interacts with the gravitational flow, i.e. the flow cannot absolutely free pass through them. Consequently any lattice is a certain resistance for that flow, and the flow is compacted at the entrance of the body. And the flow is compacted between the spheres while flowing around them.

  Everybody has known, that velocity of water flow increases in, but pressure decreases in into pipes’ and rivers’ constrictions. The fact was merely fixed, and that’s all. Modern physics on the false basis is out of its power to explain that phenomenon.

  Let’s consider a phenomenon of liquid flow acceleration in the constricting pipe (Fig. 14(b)). Free particles – thermal carriers in the main pipe section are distributed uniformly by convention.

  Liquid is chains from “hedgehogs”, between which there are thermal carriers to move them apart. At the beginning of the pipe constriction and farther at its side, the liquid chains are compressed, and the thermal carriers are compacted under kinetic energy action of the flow. We have known well already, that if there is a particles’ flux of sufficient density with a sharp boundary of a decrease in its density at the way of the motion, there will be formed energy carriers with the accelerating mechanisms, but not chemical elements there. The main thermal carrier is a neutron. An energy carrier from neutrons in the idea of needles, threads, and ropes is Light with its neutrons’ (nuclear) engine. And namely Light like a rocket or a missile presses in against the liquids’ chains and sharply accelerates their motion, acting until its own breaking down. The result is a flow acceleration and pressure fall, as the thermal carriers forming Light have compaction with reducing their active zone, and this is work – energy conservation. Water has light bias in the constriction, and it can be verified on the pilot set with a pipe of glass in the thick darkness (it is necessary to heat water for intensifying the effect).

  The same thing occurs in constriction between the small spheres in the gravitational flow. While compacting the flow at the entrance of constriction, the main carriers – neutrino and neutron, form electric energy carriers from neutrinos, and Light, which much faster come out from the constriction zone, than free carriers of the flow come to there. Pressure fall occurs between the small spheres. Pressure difference in constriction and outside the spheres leads to their approaching. That mechanism operates between bodies and planets just at sufficiently close distances. Attraction between a star and planets has quite different mechanism, which will be considered further.

  As we see, the law of the Universal gravitation is wrong, and from here constant ballistic errors occur in calculating flying paths of spacecraft.

  As the law of the Universe gravitation is anything but a law, planets’ and stars’ masses were determined incorrectly. So, our Earth is hollow with a crust of thickness about 60 km, that will be proved later, has the mass noticeably less, than it is generally

  As before, attractive force is force of gravity.

  Weight – is also force of gravity, as in that case, namely gravitational flow interaction, for instance with a body is considered.

  For easiness considering the subject, let’s take two similar in shape and size lattices of the different metals – of Copper, and Aluminium.

  Mentally put them at the altitude of 300 km from the Earth’s surface, where cosmos vacuum and minus temperature are, and let them free-fall. Copper cells' lattices’ sizes by 2.5 folds larger, than Aluminium ones. With an allowance of small magnets’ sizes on “hedgehogs” needles of the both metals, passages in the lattices are different approximately by twice. The gravitational flow at that altitude has a basic carrier – neutrino. At the initial time of metals’ free fall, the flow has higher velocity, and it deforms their lattices elongating skipping ropes towards its motion direction. Neutrons’ forces of skipping ropes’ contraction induce accelerating the both lattices until the flow velocity equals the metals’ one. Further in vacuum, their mutual motion proceeds – this is zero – time for the given moment. Neutrinos’ specific actions per unit of a length of the ropes’ small magnets perpendicular to the flow are equal in the both lattices. However because of the different sized small magnets, skipping ropes’ elongations in the lattices will be differ in sizes. In the Aluminium lattice, a total length of all lateral skipping ropes will be by 2.5 folds larger, than the same total length in Copper, but elastic forces will be less also by 2.5 folds. In consequence of the acceleration, the velocities will be equal also. At free fall, energy mass equals zero. Let’s refer in detail here, and consider bodies’ behavior in the absolute emptiness. Let’s put our metals in it, and add one big metal ship 100 metres in length for comparison. Without actions of any forces or bodies, all the three bodies will stand motionlessly in the absolute emptiness, where there is neither top, nor bottom, and any other direction. The absolute emptiness “cannot see” the bodies. Let’s apply a similar impact of a neutrino to the each of them. They all will move with the similar acceleration and speed. The bodies have different masses, but the results of the neutrinos actions are equal. What happened with the masses’ inertness?

  Let’s return to the classic. A body mass is a quantity, characterizing its inertness, and it equals acting against the body force to an inducing by that force acceleration ratio.

  That formula doesn’t act in the absolute emptiness. Why so? There is not an energy mass, which is connected with gravitational flows there!

  As we see, the quantity characterizing inertness is an energy mass, and it doesn’t exist in two cases – when zero – time is, and when a body is at rest.

  Zero – time, and masses’ inertness collapse, while free falling. Bodies of various masses will move with the similar speed under actions of single neutrinos, for example, a big ship, and a flock.

  However, such circumstances, at the free-fall of two lattices of metals, could exist just till the space area, where temperature (i.e. the main thermal carriers’ density – neutrons’ one) begins increasing in, and that will be just the Earth’s gas atmosphere. To keep in check only interaction between a gravitational flow, and bodies, let’s mentally take gases out of the atmosphere.

  The flow from the zone of low-temperature vacuum enters the zone of the increase of temperature - atmosphere, and begins capturing neutrons (a hailstorm), but this is only a part of the thermal neutrons. The main part of the thermal neutrons moves from the Earth’s surface to the cosmos, obeying the law of their density equalization. Thermal carriers scattering is occurring, and this is division with giving energy off.

  As a result, we have two opposite directed flows – gravitational, and heat. Evidently, that the heat flow is the same as the gravitational one, but opposite directed, i.e. it forms antigravitation, observed by us while coming hot flue gases, hot vapours, balloons with hot gases inside, and etc. up.

  So two metals’ lattices are acted by two opposite directed gravitational flows in the atmosphere.

  The both lattices will cease their free-fall in the Earth’s atmosphere, and zero – time will collapse, and that means a thermal energy mass has occured, which would begin retarding them.

  In that case, metals’ lattices’ sizes are brought to the forefront. The larger lattice cell size, the less retarding action of the thermal energy mass, as the main part of its flow jumps through them without interacting. A retarding effect increases in into the small cells of the Aluminium lattices. A Copper cube will begin falling faster, than Aluminium one at the entire absence of the gases in the atmosphere. After compressing the cubes of Copper and Aluminium to the Earth’s surface, the situation is kept up, and they will have different weights.

  As we see, it is necessary that the metals to have maximal small lattices, or as the limit – a neutron body for creating metals levitating in the Earth’s atmosphere. UFOs’ hulls have a neutron body.

  Frictional force is also a fuzzy term, which has to obtain two components of the force as minimum – resistance, and lifting force.

Let’s look at Fig. 15, where one plate is rubbing against a surface another one.

From the practice and classic physics, the following is known: heavy loaded sledge are budged more difficultly, than to precede their started motion.

As you have guessed already, there is no sense in detailed considering that problem on basis of classic physics.

Why is the traction force of the sledges larger in budging, than in their motion? Fig. 15 is seen, that a part of the free needles of the both lattices is in various chemical bounds (metal, ionic, covalent ones), and surfaces’ roughness fins are in mechanical gripping – those are obstacles for future motion, which have to be torn up and broken down.

Let’s apply force to the top plate F and try to budge it. It is necessary to tear chemical bounds up and to break a part of fins on the both surfaces down for its motion. The force F has reached a necessary quantity, and the top plate has budged. What

The antecedent chemical bounds are torn up, but another free needles of the plates’ lattices got to close and got into chemical bounds. A part of fins of the both lattices broken down and turned into the thermal carriers. At sufficient high their density, Light with its neutrons’ (nuclear) engines began forming. Light mechanically pressed against all directions and lifted a little the top plate, breaking down and transforming into the antigravitational flow.

The plate became short in weight, and the required for its motion force F decreased in.

If there are not enough broken fins of the plates for Light forming, we will have just a thermal antigravitational flow with the less lifting force.

Note: the frictional force consists of two forces – resistance, and lifting force, which can consist of energy carrier mechanical forces, and a thermal carrier, or only of a thermal carrier.