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Electromagnetic engine

  The model has the unusual form and design, and reminds toroid. As a matter of fact, the electric motor - generator, is not that other, as the transformer of a constant current. The transformer differs by  that in it(him) the electromagnetic induction on amplitude, at us by moving of a constant magnet changes.

  The most alternative decision for the magnetic engine is use it(him) in the electrocar a structure.

  The analogue of the offered engine - electric motor, in which electrical energy will be transformed to mechanical energy by means of a magnetic field and  electromotive force uniting in one vector. As against the electric motor - the magnetic engine creates not rotary mechanical movement, and forward, and creates direct draught force. The technical and economic efficiency of the magnetic engine is caused by his(its) basic properties. The basic principle is, the not direct proportionality of consumption of energy, and back proportional dependence of the certain properties of a matter and energy. I.e., if to speak by simple language, in modern electromotors for increase of capacity, basically put on increase of force of a current, in our case on magnetic properties (magnetic permeability of a matter m), which in turn increase capacity at the expense of the classical approach in creation and distribution of physical forces cooperating among themselves. The simple example, greatest force (magnetic force) arises in coils (solenoids), in an industry they are used, as locks, relay, electromagnetic valve, and in modern electromotors of a constant current - as electromotive force.

  On preliminary accounts and parameters, the electromagnetic engine (EME), in the ideal form (HiTech), can show such results: If now on electrocar are put about 10 accumulators, on electrocar  with my model EME it is enough 1 with an average parameter 75 amper/hours. It is possible to go by such  electrocar all the day with speed of 200 km / h. It is simple in operation, is reliable and is durable. It is difficult to not notice, that  EME surpasses in all parameters, therefore it is not convenient to speak about his(its) superiority.

  Wide introduction, the replacement by him(it) of electric motors and engines of internal combustion will bring in thorough corrective amendments to economic activity. It by definition universal, practically of unlimited capacity the engine.

The magnetic engine - generator can serve a primary source of energy.

  In the advanced countries at the present stage, large development has received - wind energy. EME ideally approaches for creation " of windy mills ". In particular, for " of windy mills " with its(her) design features such concept, as the logic lever (shoulder) is applicable(applied).

  The task is decided(solved) by  that on [fig. 2] two vectors of linear speeds (u 1u 2) graphically are shown, at identical angular speed of a wheel w for points And and In, these linear speeds are various, so, that the speed U 2 is directly proportional to a shoulder . conclusion of the formula of calculation electromovite force  - , guiding in a conductor driven in a magnetic field with the speed u From Here is done(made).
= lU
- electromotive force (volt)
B - in an induction (tesla)
L-length of a conductor (meter)
U - Linear speed (meter / second)
It means, the more shoulder, the is more electromotive force. One such "mill" can replace 10 modern.


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