Integral perception surrounding world or way to
Ecumenical Reason

Физика. Исследования в физике.


Kaznacheev Vlayil Petrovich
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The Review
to the scientific research program in the
field of sensor engineering presented by
Sergey Makukhin.

This research program concerns the complex field of interacting branches of science that study problems of human phenomenon. Today the substantial progress has been made in the field of compact informational presentation and development of complex euristic systems on the basis of the new computer generation. Information being used in the most of such computer programmes is collected by devices' indicators on the level of macro and microspace.

The interactions in branches of science in the mentioned aspects including languages are the most important basis of the modern scientific progress. In the program proposed by the author is offered a rather new, in my opinion, promising trend, the main point of which is as follows: there is an offer of constructions by means of which the informational flow immediately in the human central nervous system can be improved and considerably enriched.

At first sight the proposals stated in the program seem to be almost unreal and from the category of science fiction. But I must emphasize that they contain for all that a highly important scientific and practical principle.

In these proposals in some measure is outlined a possible way of sensor and technical (engineer) evolution of the human being himself,whose neurophysic reserves today as it is known are not activated yet.

Of course, there arise many questions and the main is: What is the mechanism of yet unknown ability for perception an processing of new sensor information by the visual, acoustic and other high integral structures of the human brain?
The same problem arises in the aspects of the modern bioethics. The formulated questions are by no
means abolish or discredit the main creative principle of the proposed program.

The final philosophical and evolutional part of the program needs a special discussion. This section
belongs already to the futurological cosmogony, to the hypotheses about the origin and evolution of the
human intellect on the planet Earth.

Maybe these ideas have something in common with those ones about the Universum (Teilhard de Chardin), the Pneumatosphere (P.Florensky), the Hologram by Earth (Bohm and Pribram).

In conclusion it should be noted that the author posesses undoubtedly rather profound knowledge in the very complex field of interacting branches of science i.e the sensor engineering. The main author's idea is the immediate improvement of intellectual and psychic activities of human associations by the direct input of additional information through the well known organs of sense. This idea is a creative and original one. It would be rather promising to afford the author an opportunity to begin first searching and experimental series, in which should immediately take part different experts: doctors, neurophysiologists and psychologists. It is quite possible that the results of the first research might discover some neuropsychological features of the higher nervous activity unknown before.

Academician of the RAMN V.P.Kaznacheev.

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The Way to the Universal Intelligence(p.37) Painting, Drawing & Photography differ from any other art in that way that all information has been put into them is shown to a spectator as a single- momentary and whole thing not requiring for its perception the dilation in time. The spectator does not need time to perceive a picture. Without a span of time the reader can not realize a work of literature, the listener- a musical composition, the theatre fan-a play.

These fundamental works of art's features hiding in themselves a possibility of huge condensation of visual information suggested an interesting idea to Sergey Makukhin: is there a way to transform those kind of arts which require a span of time for their perception into a form of single-momentary perceived visual image? The solution of this seemingly technical problem led Mr. Makukhin to global philosophical conclusions...

The following words belong to Albert Einstein: The human race needs a new way of thinking to survive and develop further. People are in a new situation and their way of thinking should be in comliance with it.

The modern way of thinking is an effect of the evolutional level of development of higher nervous activity; the first signal system is thinking-in-images, the second one is thinking-in-words. These features in its turn are corellated with the functional specialisation-asymmetry of cerebral hemispheres.

The above-mentioned signal systems are connected with the organs of sense. These system are responsible for the processing of information in organism having contact with the enviroment. They regulate the function of the higher nervous activity. The arising of a new way of thinking will be seemingly the effect of forming of the third, extra-sensory signal system. The human being processes information according to the following chain: external information-perception- thinking.

We search how to change the first link of this chain and it leads us to the contradiction: on the one hand the world that surrounds us has the huge informational surplus and on the other hand the human being has the obvious scantiness of informational input channels into his brain through the vision, the hearing etc. That's why it is appropriate to consider the qualitative expanding of potentialities of organs of sense. It is known that the human being has only 10% of all the neurons in work, the rest is in reserve. There arises a problem: how to enhance the capacity of the above-mentioned informational input channels? The capacity is the greatest speed of informational processing.

One of the ways to solve this problem is the creation of informational code means. Perceiving various information from surrounding objects which are before our eyes, we feel first of all the effect of our own presence. The whole complex of this information can be photographed in a definite way and shown as a new primary stereopicture to any spectator. Looking at it, the spectator feels so, as if he is in the body of another man, that one, who has photographed the stereopicture from his own position. Any methods of reproduction can be the base of the primary stereopicture: stereoslides, computer screen, drawings made with the help of a stereoimages drawing apparatus.

Let's make the next step and analyze the process of perception of an sculpture by the spectator. If the spectator is alone, he spends some time to walk around it and realize that this sculpture is a three- dimensional one. And now let's imagine: there are ten persons around this sculpture watching it at different angles. Each alone can see only his own part of the sculpture. If one has photographed every part that every person can see and would show all this complex of stereoimages in a definite way to a spectator, the latter would see all sides of this sculpture SIMULTANEOUSLY!

This kind of vision can be called the integral vision and the new reflection can be called the integral picture.

Its feature is that that the spectator finds himself as if he is in 10 points of space simultaneously. Suppose we place 7 persons around a bust so that everyone's field of vision could close without a gap and a superimposition with the field of vision of his neighbour and make the proper stereopictures. Then we select the direction, say, from left to right and begin to show very quickly in succession pulsewise to the spectator the photographed stereo pictures (the first picture follows after the seventh one, then the second picture again etc.) In this case the spectator would experience the unprecedented sight: he would see all sides of the bust at once!

The period of the cycle keeps within the identification span of a single image (0.15 sec.). This period consists of the microintervals of all shown stereopictures. The frequency of their showing should be higher than the critical frequency of binocular images' flashing merge. In this case they seem to us uninterruptedly and would be perceived as single-momentary ones.

From the physiological point of view the basis for this case would be the work of binocular visual neurons: they would perform the summing-up functions of all the succession of the stereopictures. By that the higher brain functions would be in work too.

That's briefly in general outline the description of an technique's principle regarding the stable vision of the integral pictures.

The integral effect can can be obtained in different ways: by means of pencil of light waveguides with fibres' conic radiation, holography, direct influence on the retina or the cortex. More complex varieties of integral pictures are possible too.

Imagine: There's a man in the room sitting in his chair and reading a book.Then he gets up, goes to the door and opens it, then goes in the kitchen, pours some water into the glass, drinks it dry, then comes back and sits down in his chair with his book again. The final position coincides with the initial one. Looking at such integral phase picture there arises the impression that we can see the time-space circle that consists of series of simultaneous movement phases. We are as if we continue sitting in our chair reading our book and at the same time we are in the chain of phases: the way to the door and after that, the door is shut and at the same time it is opened, we drink water and come back. The phases"there" and "back" are crossed in the space, but not in our integral picture, thus all the signs of casualty remain. Within limits of this time-space condition made by the integral picture, the spectator feels himself as if he is in the present, in the past and in the future. That would be just his real experience.

Technically it is possible to create an unique artificial eye allowing us to look at the surrounding world integral. It is possible to build a system of such devices with means of intercommunication, that would give its owners a possibility to change information perceived by every single person.

The integral perception can be not only visual,but also an audio one. Such perception can accompany the corresponding to it integral pictures. Having spread this method of approach on all known analyzers, receptors and even on the thinking itself and having introduced the general coding, we get the technical possibility to show the logical connected texts and images in the single space.

An example of such device can be the above-mentioned artificial eye, combined with other sensor inputs, portable made, so that they could be worn in the helmet or another head-dress. As spreading, such intercommunication devices would be the basis of a gradually expanding informational network. Here we are approaching semantically to the concept of "collective intelligence". People connected to such network would feel so, as if they are simultaneously in different places of the Globe. That would form in them a new complex conditioned reflex-the integral one, which would be able to activate the third human signal system. As a result the human race would undergo the most important change in its evolution and shift to the superlevel with a new language and a new logic of thinking. 

The consequences of this change are unpredictable and innumerable. Everybody would be able to control everybody, lies and crimes wold vanish. The acute opposition of the Good and the Evil would be reduced. Goverments, mass-media and many other social structures would be abolished. The property problem would exist no more. Everybody remaining an individuality would be equal to all others and that would shift the people to a new intellectual level.

The process of life's integration on the planet would not stop on this stage. All flesh on Earth would be united by means of the time-space intellectual field in a single organism. That would be the new birth and the new life. The time-space that surrounds every living organism would change under the influence of the thought. All bioobjects would be as if united and there would come the era of"Collective Intelligence". The former thought's carrier would be not necessary and this new formation as abbe Teilhard de Chardin said"would leave its matrix-the rough body. The thought and the new thin body would be identical".

In the "Collective Intelligence" the thinking, the comprehension, the self-consciousness and the final single individuum would be fragments of the whole. The particular subjects would form the supersubject for which the single selfconsciousness is striving unconsciously now; there arises the full self-knowledge, the cognition of another and others.

The new formation would foresee itself. The main question of the philosophy would be taken off, the supersubject would get the rank not only of his own reality but of the objective one.

Then would come the era of the Galactic Intelligence and after it the Universal Intelligence, which limits are: the particular is here and the particular is now. If one accepts the Buddhistic regeneration hypothesis, the human being would be as if in the wheel of life and death. He is born and lives in this world,he dies, he is in "after death" condition. Then he is born again.

If one unites the circles of every living thing in totality, there would be as a result the Absolute Essence, including everything and everybody, life and death.

The transition to the superlife would be completed, that would be the Last Unification of all the living. The Last Unification is the spatial integral evolvent of existence presented as the sum of the past, present and future Universes. It is a chain of phases merged in one universal NOW and one universal HERE.

In this Last Unification would be absolutely everything: particular life fragments of every individuum, every prophet or godman. Chains of phases before birth, from birth, before death, after death would be present. Here would be reflected both subjective and objective reality in all the times. The space-time evolvent of our universe would be completed by its cycle. The time would stop. The movement would vanish. Everything would be in a new quality. The cause and the effect would merge. There is nothing to think about. That's all.

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