Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics


  If we had made a statement that the Universe functioned at a human beings pleasure, even madmen from the famous ward No 6 would have said it went too far.

  In the Universe, processes repeat not only for centuries, but also for many billions of years.

  How can living in the perpetual motion scientists assert that such processes are not in the Universe? Or sometimes, they are weak in the head, are not they?

Lets compare two opinions:

And nowadays, there are people trying to invent a machine, which could operate without any energy supply.

  In principle, the matter is impossible to exist in every star system without star energy in the form of Light, gravitation, and magnetic and thermal fields. The full-scale star energy is badly observable and weakly learnt. The given textbook is a confirmation to that.

  Whatever we have invented, it will be always the star energy, and not only of firewood, petrol, and other forms of energy conservation.

  By that reason, everything should belong to perpetual energy sources that after producing could independently function for a long period, using unobvious star energy instead of firewood, petrol, and etc.

  The old concepts, without understanding energy, mass, Light, and all the rest of it could be sent at rest to historical museums.