Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics


  Lets remember, that full mass consists of three components: two scalar a rest and an acquired ones, and one vector energy mass.

  The energy mass is a gravitational flow through a body lattice, i.e. force and energy also force. The rest is a question of the forces interaction.

  Lets have the exact details concerning the rest mass and the acquired one. Lets have an imaginary experiment for that. Lets put a beautiful European car Mercedes into the absolute emptiness. There is not energy mass, i.e. force there. What will happen to them? Because of absence of a gravitational excitation of the hedgehog neutrons in the lattices, liquids, and gases, end needles pentads in the chemical bonds will start breaking down the first, and that is a chain reaction and an explosion. The Mercedes scalar mass will turn into the energy flux, i.e. force in the absolute emptiness. From this, the equaled zero scalar mass is conserved energy, and that is work.

  Its time to give exact wording what scalar mass is. Lets begin with a particle, which has a volume and a structure, every component of which is into rotary motion and is essentially a definite volume of energy, and of a body is a total energy volume of its components, every of which is also a volume structure for its components, and those components, in their turn, are a volume structure for consequent components and so on to infinity.

  The mass of scalar gases, liquids, and solids is structural volumes of energy. Masses interaction is interaction of equal or different energy volumes with similar or different structures, every of which has particular nature of energy interaction with gravitational flows, i.e. forces.