Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics


  An extraction from the old textbook of physics is: “While lowering a weight of the weight clock, the work is done. The work is done by the weight force acting on the weight. On the hydroelectric station, while lowering the water from the upper channel to the lower one, shafts of the turbines and connected with them machines rotate because of the work, and water, and the turbines heat up a little. The work is done by the weight force, acting on the flowing water. Generally, while lowering some body, the weight force is done thework.

… Let a body from the point A (Fig. 41) move to the point C, which does not lie in the same vertical with the point A.

  The work of the weight force while moving the body from the position A to the position is the same as the work of the weight force while moving the body from the position A to the position B.

  We can consider the motion as two motions:

1) the body from the point of A firstly moves to the point B, lying in the same vertical, on the same height as the point C;

2) then the body moves from the point B in horizontal to the point C. As was stated, while moving in horizontal to the point C, the weight force does not do any work. Consequently, the work of the weight force while moving from the point A to the point C is the same as while moving from the point A to the point B. Having written Ŕg for the work of the weight force, P for the weight force, and h for the height, from which the body lowered, we can write down:

So, the work of the weight force, acting on the body of mass m while lowering it from the height h is the product of m into g and h. It should be mentioned, that the weight force work does not depend on the body mechanical trajectory (whether water pipes were straight or curve in the hydropower station), on the body motion speed, on the body density (if mercury flows in the hydropower station instead of water, the weight force work will be the same at the equal masses of the flown liquid through)”.

  They give a little attention to the considering now problem in the education establishments programs. Everybody understands the whole thing at once, and we shall try to dig out something from it. Let’s draw the attention to the following facts:

  Why did scientists have to introduce the three forces when it comes to one and the same phenomenon from the neutron physics point of view? That it is one and the same phenomenon, the scientists simply do not know, though they state constantly, that they have understood the gravitation.

  We have three equal forces, which can do work in vertical, which is m g h: the gravity force at falling bodies, the weight force at moving bodies on the inclined plane, the attractive force at falling bodies on the Earth’s surface.

  Let’s dwell on that place and see what really happens. We have the gravitational flow of the Earth’s magnetic field, directed to its surface (the weight force) and the thermal gravitational flow from the Earth’s surface to the cosmos (anti-weight). The both flows are forces and act on any object situated between the Earth’s surface and its magnetic field peripheral zone. We have known that two components of the full mass: the rest mass, and the acquired one are the “absolute emptiness”, having the body volume. Also we have already known, that the Earth’s gravitational flow density on its magnetic field periphery is minimal (close to zero) and it is maximal at the Earth’s surface. The Earth’s gravitational zone has the thickness (altitude) of many thousands of kilometers (covers and the Moon), and the anti-weight active action zone varies within a several dozens of kilometers.

  Let’s put a body into the Earth’s magnetic field periphery and let it: the body has started its free fall at the gravitational flow velocity. The velocity has a constantly increasing in variable magnitude. Answer the question: “Does acceleration have a value ‘g’ there?” The answer – it does not. The acceleration will be by dozens times less there, than near the Earth’s surface, and it will close to zero. The forces of gravity, weight, and attraction will be close to zero in all the formulas, which proves the correctness of the view on scalar quantities of mass as on the “absolute emptiness”.

  At the stipulated circumstances of the free-fall, all the three forces of gravity, weight, and attraction cannot be determined by the textbook formulas. The formulas will never act correctly, because notion of the mass is wrong in actual fact, and the acceleration “g” is true for just a several hundreds of metres above the Earth’s surface. The wrong belief is impossible to turn into the true nature’s laws. In the previous item 3.5, we have stated, that in order to move a body after balancing the forces, it is necessary to obtain a gravitational stream or a flow, in which the body at mass of the “absolute emptiness” to move at the given speed, as well as the artificial or natural streams. The bodies’ free-fall is just that case, and the weight force is the motion force. There are not any resistant forces and the force of equilibrium is zero there.

  There, the whole work is useful and it is zero:

  It’s all the same to us, people, what kind of the work the nature does in the given case, the gravitation, on moving the body. The main thin is lest we should exert our strengths anyway and anyhow. Efficiency of the nature (the Universe) is always zero. It is perpetual motion. When we speak about limiting efficiency of 1, it is spoken of work initiated by a human, which is in any of the form, in all cases partially or fully against the nature.

  When the scientists’ community states, that perpetual motion or energy source is impossible to be created by a human being, they, as we see, even cannot formulate of what speaking of and of what they are arguing with.

  The perpetual motion should be considered any made by a human being product to be able to operate independently using natural processes, expenses of which to be neglected by us.

  Let’s go on falling our body to the active action zone of the anti-weight thermal force, which is a resistant force for any free falling body. The weight force gravitational flow density constantly increases in at the proximity to the Earth because of the opposite anti-weight force thermal carriers are partially captured by the weight force towards its motion.

  The increase of the flow density leads to changing in interaction with the body lattice to be passed it through. The denser flow and the smaller lattice – the more and more compacted the flow while flowing the body round, what leads to forming the structured energy carriers in the shape of the small threads and ropes obtaining their accelerating engines.

  In that case, the double interaction between the body and the forces of weight and anti-weight started as in the shape of fluxes of separate particles, so in the shape of the structured energy carriers flows, obtaining the accelerating engines.

  Occurring the structured energy carriers is a true sign of the energy conservation, i.e. doing the work. The work is done by the weight force, which is, as before equal to:

  Fmotion thrust is the speed characteristics of any kind of motion.

  The old statement, that work of the gravity force (of weight) does not depend on the speed, is simply not tenable.

  Work is expressed as J · s in the system of units SI.