Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics


  We have already known, that work is conservation of the directed energy force on the given section of the distance. If power is considered as work per unit time, i.e. we have an opportunity to do similar work for different time,

power is the energy conservation velocity. We may stop here with it, but lets try to go ahead for curiosity. Lets take a section of the distance S in Fig. 40, a body in the shape of a bar and apply force F directed energy flow to it, which moves with velocity v through its lattice.

The force F is a constant quantity in the formula The energy flow force velocity v is also constant for the particular example. Any parameter variations of the gravitational directed flow of energy force will lead to its change in magnitude. At
S=const and F=const, time t is unable to affect the process of motion and is a measure of comparison. The formula
has fallen apart before the eyes. At passing to the new conceptions, it does not act. It turns out, that power equals work. The similar work is unable to be done on the same section of the distance, under the similar conditions, and for the different time. Do we say anything, maybe? Lets return to the textbook Physics for the secondary technical schools 79. Power. The same work can be done in different cases for different time. For example, a worker will carry a batch of bricks on the building roof for several minutes, and a hoist will do that work for several seconds. Lets follow the textbook authors idea. From their point of view, the similar bricks batches were moved on the similar height in the two cases. From this, the works are equal, but they done for different time. What has escaped the authors field of vision by their ignorance of gravitational actions physics? They did not take into account energy mass, overload because of increase of the motion velocity, which required additional force in the hoist mechanism in comparison with the force applied by the worker. At hoisting the similar bricks batches on the similar height, the different forces were applied, and the work was more in magnitude in the hoister. No equal works were there. Lets try to analyze the present circumstances.

  The same task on hoisting the bricks was done for the different time with applying different forces. Lets raise the question: What was equal and similar to the work in that case, in result of which the formula of power in the form of occurred?

 Impulses of the forces were equal, i.e. the products of force into time:

  From this, the similar works on the equal sections of the distance with applying to the bar different forces are possible only at similar impulses of the forces. The correct formula of work will have a form:

  But in the old concept, if we present N=FS, then Nt=A. As we see, what has been always considered as work by us, really, it has been power N=FS≠, and work is the product A= Nt, and

  The new world outlook has allowed correctly getting outside of notions about work and power based earlier on sort of strict reasoning.