Work, Power, and Energy


  The term “Physical field” has been defined earlier as a flow of Light, a flow of heat, a flow of electricity, a magnetic flux, a flow of gravitation, and a flow of mass (of particles and energy carriers). Farther the term “Force” has been defined as directed energy.

  The physical fields have a direction and all the six Light components are energy. Having generalized those notions, we conclude, that a physical field is force. Now let’s consider an illustrative example for the above stated. For that purpose, let’s take a vertically standing rocket, for example, on the cosmodrome Baykonur. What acts on the rocket, when its engines haven’t started yet? Usually, we say that it is body weight, i.e. weight (gravity) force.

  We have already known, that weight is force of gravity. Let’s remember a school formula: P = m×g

  Let’s write down it by words and give new meaning to that.

  Let’s put mentally our rocket in the 1-st world absolute emptiness. We shall see there our rocket standing motionless. Rest mass and acquired mass of small magnets exist for a short period, but there is no weight in any direction there. There is no energy mass there, because the body stands. There are not external forces in the absolute emptiness. Let’s put a piece of fluff next to the rocket under the same circumstances. It will stand also motionless. A quite unexpected conclusion from there: the absolute emptiness “takes up” the both bodies as “the absolute emptiness”. There are neither weight, nor masses in traditional notion there. There are only objects differing in geometrical dimensions there. If we put mentally scales and weigh both the rocket and a piece of fluff, the scales will remain motionless. The rocket mass will equal to the piece of fluff mass, and they will be zero.

  Such a notion as inertness of mass is related to nothing. There is not it under those circumstances.

  So, all traditional to us properties are imparted to objects by the directed energy flow, i.e. the force. To be plainer, mass as characteristics of body inertness is force.

  Let’s put the rocket and the piece of fluff on the scales on the Earth’s surface under traditional standard circumstances. The masses will be different. Such a result was defined by two forces of gravity – of magnetic field to the Earth, and of thermal field from the Earth.

  No masses, as accustomed to be considered, but the forces acting on the scales from those objects difference was weighed by us. We can compare our old notions to new ones in Fig. 34.

  It is accepted before, that one object on the Earth surface to define gravity P only, and two objects on the scales after reducing accelerations (g) in the formulas to give us two masses. Either net weight or gross weight is on all goods packages in shops. In fact, it is the same gravity, and reducing accelerations (g) in the formulas are pure mechanical and it doesn’t have any physical meaning, because mass is “absolute emptiness” to all measures besides linear measures. It is impossible to be calculated. Masses could be correlated (to be compared each with other) at the presence of physical fields under the same circumstances. We have relative atomic masses in the table of chemical elements, which is a correct problem solving. Mass is conserved energy, i.e. work, and works can be compared only.

  The most striking instances of the artificial adjusting correlations of supposedly physical laws at wrong notions of the mass are calculations of orbital space flights velocities.

  Let’s cite extracts from a textbook “Physics for the secondary technical schools” (D.I. Sakharov, M.I. Bludov, “Nauka”, Moscow 1969, 168p.).

… 109. Artificial Satellites of the Earth
Space Flights

  We have known, a body thrown horizontally from any altitude to move in parabola and to fall on the Earth as long as the larger throwing velocity. At some large velocity, the body cannot fall on the Earth at all, and it will circumscribe circular trajectories, remaining at one and the same altitude above the Earth. It will happened when acceleration imparting to the body by the gravity will be equal to centripetal acceleration which is necessary for holding the body at the given velocity on the circular orbit, or in other words, when the body attraction force to the Earth will be centripetal force.

  Let m denote a body mass, M denote the Earth mass, r denote a body distance from the Earth center; we can write down:

Ì=6·1024 kg, let r be 6700km (the Earth radius is 6370km plus 330km – a space craft altitude above the Earth).

Having made calculations, we shall obtain:

  At launching the satellite at the Earth surface close proximity (if there had not been the atmosphere) the necessary initial velocity would have been 8 km/s.

That velocity is called the circular velocity.

(Let’s make an insertion with neutron physics notions here. Let’s look at Fig. 35.

  After resolving a force vector of energy mass, we shall obtain two forces – the centrifugal force and the resistant one. If a body is imparted, for example, the angular velocity of the Earth’s, and of magnetic field (and accordingly of the gravitational flow), nothing will act upon the body, besides of the weight and anti-weight. The body won’t fall in parabola or in another curve under that circumstance. It will fall in the axis strictly, which passes through the centers of gravity of the body and the Earth. It is necessary to impart the larger angular velocity, than the Earth’s one to the body for occurring in case of motion in the circular orbit of energy mass and like its component – of centrifugal force, which will balance weight. It was determined experimentally after many of mistakes before successful launch of the first Earth’s artificial satellite. The rest was simply adjusted to the obtaining result.

  Having obtained, as it has seemed, a supporting point in the calculations, ballisticians calculated a rocket flight path to the Moon. 12 times USSR missed the Moon, and rockets went away in unknown direction. Only the setting of additional correcting engines on new homing aids, gave the opportunity to stabilize the situation with space flights)… The more rocket velocity is in comparison with the calculated one under the above-mentioned formula, the more elongated satellite elliptical orbit would be.

  (The fact was fixed, but nobody answered the simple question why having velocity in the range of 8-12 km/s, the rocket doesn’t go away from the attraction zone, but circumscribes the path in the shape of ellipse?” Having escaped from the circular orbital flight circumstances, having moved away from the Earth, the rocket would seem to be unable to return because of constant reduction of the “attractive force”. It doesn’t have any reasons for that by the classic physics point of view. Let’s look at Fig. 35 and fix the well-known fact: the least weight in the periphery of the Earth’s magnetic field, and the largest one on its surface. At the body motion to the periphery, the gravitational flow density reduces in because of the wedge space expansion, force action of the energy mass and of its component – centrifugal force reduces in. Let’s look at Fig. 36 and draw special attention to the resistant force of the energy mass, which constantly retards the rocket. The rocket velocity at the most remote in elliptical orbit point 1 is almost minimal, but Pof the weight equals to Ðcentrifugal and velocity continues reducing in for some period after that point, at that Pof the weight becomes more than Ðcentrifugal. Pof the weight starts pressing the rocket to the gravitation center, and it starts picking the speed up as at the usual free-fall. Because of the presence of the resistant force, the initial launch velocity is unable to be restored, and dimensions of elliptical orbits will start reducing in up to falling the rocket on the Earth’s surface or burn up in the dense atmosphere layers. The rocket will circumscribe a peculiar reducing in helical path with falling on the Earth’s atmosphere, when it will burn up.

  Ballistics don’t know of that resistant force of the energy mass and make mistakes constantly in calculations of space craft paths up to the present day).

  A spacecraft overcomes attraction to the Earth at some value of the velocity. It is called escape velocity. Calculations showed it to equal 11.2 km/s.”

  Let’s return to our rocket on the cosmodrome Baykonur. Now we understand, that attraction force is not there, and it is acted by weight and anti-weight. It is necessary to apply rather larger force than weight and anti-weight forces difference in order that the rocket got off the Earth’s surface. Everybody has known the word-group “to apply a force” since childhood, but all scientists in the world can’t explain physics of that action, because they don’t know what gravitation is in reality.

  Let’s turn on the rocket engines and look at Fig. 37 and Fig. 38.

  We can see in Fig. 37, that Light in the combustor chamber opposite outlet from the nozzle brings pressure to its unbalanced side, breaks down, and forms the gravitational flow, opposite to the Earth’s one. That double force acts maximally on the engine mounting attachments and deforms rocket body lattice through them (see Fig. 37). “To apply force” is to form directed on the object Light or gravitational flows, or the gravitational flows only, but of the less effect. We have already mentioned, that only Light ropes with neutron (nuclear) engines could be the most powerful force in the Universe. By that reason, Light generation is achieved in all great efforts – while exploding fuel in the internal combustion engine, or in the combustion chambers of jet or rocket engines, or exploding shells, or while blowing up rocks. Two opposite directed gravitational flows compress the rocket body lattice, and it decreases in its height. The two opposite directed and closed in density gravitational flows change their direction gradually turning at 90î and running out from the rocket sides. When the rocket engine thrust becomes more than weight and anti-weight difference, the rocket will start taking off. Mechanical work is generally assumed as the product of the force into the travel: A= P×S

(that the formula is wrong to be proved in item ). In our case on the start (without atmosphere gases resistance at low speeds), it is necessary to understand Ð as difference between combined forces of thrust and anti-weight and combined forces of weight and energy mass resistance (it will be shown in item , that P obtains another one component force):

  We have already known, that work is energy conservation. Where is energy conservation in our case? Let’s note, that weight at vertical take-off agrees in direction with energy mass resistant force, and the total rocket mass will begin increasing in. This is so-called “overload”. To conserve forces of weight, anti-weight, resistance, and thrust is to form from them structured energy carriers in the shape of Light ropes (α – radiation – small sets from two pentads) and of magnetic field ropes, which will spread over the rocket sides. All gravitational flows particles will be structured in those side flows, and we will be able to fix all known radiations (X-radiation, γ, and β), though unable to be fixed radiations will be always present.

  From the above stated, it is well seen, that the main force conserving energy is energy mass resistant force, which occurs in the beginning of the motion and acts until dead stop of the rocket. Inertial (inert) properties are imparted to the rocket also by the
energy mass.