Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics


  PLANETS AND SATELLITES (small planets) - are hollow globoids constantly increasing in mass and geometrical dimensions, formed from the dark matter and gas-and-steam-and-dusty cloud of the 1-st world while the star system generation.

  Let’s return to Fig. 20(a) , when in the star photo, the moment was photographed, when Light had started pressing the gas-steam-dusty cloud out from it, and there had been many cosmic hails around that. We have already known, that a visible cloud is formed on the base of the dark matter – of the multi-layer world clouds. The dark peripheral circle from steam and dust determinates the star orbital plane. The star orbital plane results their neutron body rotation around two axes. The orbital circle constantly increases in its diameter under Light pressure. That leads to its cooling, because with an increase of the distance from the star, the Light flow density decreases in, as well as coming heat to the circle does together with that. The steam visible cloud freezes up, having no possibility to enlarge itself, tears into huge dirty ice blocks – this is cosmic hail and future comets. Only two variants of the further events development are possible at that stage of the star system evolution.

  The whole cloud will freeze up and the star will not be able to form planets in the first variant. This occurs, when the multi-layer cloud reserves, from which the star was born, practically entirely are exhausted.

  In the second variant, in the multi-layer cloud, the visible by us part constitutes a small share from it only, and also it turns into ice, but remained invisible part, torn into pieces, transforms into possible centers of future planets and satellites. Why? The thinner worlds on the smaller particles-carriers have higher temperature and do not freeze up in the similar volumes of the space, in comparison with the 1-st world. They are only captured by ice, if it is enough. It is short of ice in the second variant. By that reason, a planet is unable to be generated from the visible stars dust circles, because everything is in the frozen form of the 1-st world.

  For the planet generation, it is necessary the matter in the form of Light to be able to stall somewhere and to form smooth flows for forming chemical elements. The 1-st world Light flows are scattered on the 1-st world clouds, and they are practically, unable to form chemical elements, what we constantly observe as the known fact.

  Even if the first elements Hydrogen and Helium are generated on the 1-st world clouds, they volatilize to the space at once and are unable to take part in planets’ formation.

  Remained pieces of the invisible multi-layer cloud diverge in helixes from it under action of Light and the star gravitational flow, when balanced forces are absent yet.

  The same thing occurs in spiral galaxies. Light formation, in which a great many stars are generated, press gaseous sleeves with garlands of immature stars out from the center to the periphery, though flows of energy and gravitation are directed in helixes opposite center, when they have less density.

  The invisible clouds are twisted like planets under Light action (Fig. 19). Light ropes and needles stall in the invisible multi-layers clouds, breaking down into thermal neutrons.

  In the surface layer of those clouds, the thermal neutron density starts increasing in, in result of that, flows to their centers will occur. If the flows exist – chemical elements Hydrogen, Helium and so on up to Oxygen start forming. Before occurring Oxygen and water formation moment, heating clouds up was very weak. With extending the 1-st world chemical elements and increasing in twisting clouds, planets start occurring from invisible world in the shape of transparent flickering films from ice with forms remote from the bodies of revolution. Building material in the shape of Light comes to the clouds very slowly and gradually.

  Let’s look at the clouds, with flickering films from ice reminding of behaviour of large soap bubbles, dimensions. We have already known from item , that it is necessary planets to have a body of revolution for stabilizing their orbits. It is clear the larger cloud with more incorrect form to be twisted more difficulty and it to go to the remoter orbit. If a smaller planet occurs on the remoter orbit, it means the cloud division was at twisting the preceding planet. Most of the planetary satellites were generated from a part of the planets’ cloud just at that moment of evolution.

  Let’s admit, that in the given star system, all divisions of the cloud pieces occurred, transparent films from ice acquired form closed to the body of revolution, orbits at the given moment will not much change in at the further. We have planets and planetary satellites, which because of the absence of magnetic and gravitational fields, move side by side without rotating one around another. Ice shells thickness will increase up to 40…60km, and up to 200 km in very large planets. Light breaks down on ice lattice, forming heat and electrostatic charges flows in it (Fig. 22). Magnetic and gravitational fields of planets and satellites occur. Their interactions start, and the satellites start rotating around the planets like smaller partners captured by more powerful fields. The electrostatic charges flows moving in helix in ice shell (Fig. 22), with decreasing in the diameters, compress, and lightning occur on the inner surfaces of the planets and the satellites.

  Lightning heat the ice up and steam and gases occur, i.e. the inner atmosphere. Gases pressure increases in, the lightning become invisible, and the bodies of revolution start shining.

  An increase of temperature, the presence of the gases and vapours establishes conditions for increasing “hedgehogs” of the chemical elements. Before Fluorine, the conditions were “cold”, with occurring of lightning, they became warm and hot.

  At sufficient gases pressure in the bodies’ hollows, ice shells crack, and hot gases, vapours rush to the surface.

  Volcanoes and tectonic plates are formed, and also a turnover of new chemical elements occurs from a hot “smithery” to the cold surface of ice shells.

  Vapours and gases start forming outer atmosphere. Oceans of water from both sides of ice shells occur.

  From there we can see, that the first good observable sign of a planet is volcanoes.

  Through fractures and volcanoes, compounds from new chemical elements on the base of multi-layer worlds afterwards generate block lava and ashes – the future ground.

  Suchwise, the inanimate nature is a “child” of Light and ice, which constantly is processed into new chemical elements in the hot “smithery”.

  Constant substitution less complicated chemical compounds to more ones occurs in that turnover. The ice quantity decreases in, but the grounds quantity increases in.

  As the grounds are generates by one and the same scheme, they will be identical on all planets and satellites, but only moisture content will be different in them. The “Earth’s grounds” are founded on the Moon, the Mars, the Venus, and so will be everywhere in the Universe.

  Let’s ask our question: “If planets and satellites in the “icy period” (or when the ice is there) have always magnetic and gravitational fields, is it forever, or they can disappear?”

  We have been convinced already that it runs constant processing chemical compounds into more complicated structures in the planets “smithies”, and in the first place, water steams are used there. So water is doomed to processing, and only a presence of the outer atmosphere could retard the process, but couldn’t change it.

  Everybody has known from school, that distilled water doesn’t transmit electricity, but even a few salts dashes make it a conductor.

  The ice crusts of planets and satellites always have the dashes and they transmit electricity. In order to make conductors from the grounds, it is necessary to water them. So electrical conduction depends on the presence of water in the grounds of the planets shells.

  Having known, that planets and satellites magnetic and gravitational fields are electric, we understand already inevitability of their loss in the future.

  The loss of the both fields could be accelerated by meteorites collisions, when the double rotation (see ), dusty atmosphere and its freeze-out with loss of ice in the space occur as well, as in stars. In the Solar system, such demonstrative examples are the Saturn with its rings for planets with double rotation and loss of ice, and our Moon and the Mars for planets lost its atmosphere in the result of such “tragedies”.

  Let’s sum up: having lost the atmosphere, planets and satellites are dying. They continue to be in the integrated form for a long time due to intracrystalline moisture, which secures electric processes in the truncated form.
The truncated electric fields secure only
short-range to the planet surface

  After a star becoming weak or ruined, it starts a relatively free motion of planets and satellites depending on galaxies gravitation. They will start periodically colliding each with another and outburst (Fig.33).

  ,As we see, dying of planets occurs quicker, than of stars. By that reason, a few
planetary star systems are observed in the Universe (old stars either didn’t have them, or had lost them already).

  Now, let’s consider evolution of the animate nature in parallel worlds. Let’s consider it from the perfect unexpected side to the science – from a position of historical development of religion. It is what we have well known and can control.

  To be brief, religion has developed from worship to objects, organs, stars, pagan deities, and nowadays it came to conception of latria irrespective of religious tendencies. I hasten to say, that a sole God has not existed before, and does not exist today. He is unlikely to appear before the planet cataclysm. It has been said before, that after the biological death in the 1-st world, we become invisible phantom alive of the 2-nd world, i.e. a virtual electron individual.

  What do the phantoms alive do in the 2-nd world? They live together with us and act on our consciousness with their induction electric methods, turning us into living robots of the 1-st world, which are periodically, but not constantly directed (as children are

  Imagine the situation that all adult people of the 1-st world would have died at one moment, and their children would have continued to live there. What would parents of the whole planet have done? Would they have chosen a sole governor for them, i. e. a sole God? Why? They all would have rushed to their children and relatives. They would have become to take care of their lives and would have tried to help them.

  If the children would have quarreled among themselves in the 1-st world, their parents had quarreled among themselves in the 2-nd world. To be brief, everybody will support his own relatives. From there, a spirit is clannish, tribal, and communal. Parents
became Gods with respect to the children. In the 2-nd world, the similar life continues existing with various countries, as in the 1-st one. There are so many phantoms alive, so many Gods there. There is the same state structure with its hierarchy and its opportunities there. Roughly speaking, American scientific achievements are passed to representatives of Africa as badly, as in us in the 1-st world. From there, the Gods’ opportunities of various countries are various and they are secured by the 1-st world development, but not vice versa. It runs outgrowing of science and technology in the 2-nd world after coming there outstanding scientists from the 1-st world, which continue working there, the same Nicola Tesla and others. Practically every scientific experiment is suggested to the “children”-scientists of the 1-st world by the scientists of the 2-nd one, and in their own countries.

  If you remember ancient pagan times, when only tribes existed, they had their own gods. With occurring communities, communal Gods appeared. With states formations, states Gods were born.

  We want peace nowadays and for those aims we unite our efforts i.e. trying to form a sole God. It is enough to look around for understanding how we cope with it. We have the same in the 2-nd world.

  Evolutionary principles of the parallel worlds are correct as for the people, and so for any animate nature. Darvin was right, but he knew nothing about parallel evolution running outgrowing temps, basing on the real experiments of the 1-st parallel world. This is the main evolutionary principle!

  There is no unified field of knowledge and information in the nature.

  If our descendants and we do not solve the problem of our salvation, everything will die with the star system together.

  Communication between stars systems exists, but their representatives with ours particularly. There is no share of the obtained information there. There are pigmy tribes on the Earth, and it is no use to give them information of more developed civilizations.

  Accordingly, their Gods are also semiliterate, and they are not interested in another civilizations.