Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics


A STAR – is a body producing Light with loss in its mass.
A STAR EMBRYO – is a body producing Light with increase in its mass with the help of lightning.
A STAR CHILD – is a body (pulsar) producing pulsating Light with increase in mass with the help of a shock wave.

  In accordance with NA conception of worlds’ parallelism, and directivity of development from smaller to larger, initially there was not an out world, which we observe nowadays. However principles with sequence from change in density of particles to flows, from flows to chemical elements and energy carriers, from energy carriers to liquids and solids, are always kept as the simplest ones.

  Structural arrangements of particles, energy carriers, chemical elements, liquids, and bodies repeat in all worlds. With particles growing, conditions of existence of all worlds change in, as every new Light transforms the former Light into electromagnetic radiation. For example, X-radiation was usual Light for one from the previous worlds in due time. There were and X-ray stars there. The X-ray star body density was higher, than a contemporary star neutron body density, but its dimensions were less.

  If we admit, that quantity of matter and energy in the Universe does not change in, with matter concentration in larger and larger stars, it occurs an increase in areas with lower its density, what we observe calling them together as Cosmos. Growth of the carriers-particles leads to “eating up” (absorption) thinner worlds by rougher ones, as the total quantity of the matter is unchangeable. Distances between the stars in growing worlds were constantly increasing in, and so was Light action radius. What did that get? The answer is univocal – stabilization of the conditions in larger and larger area of the space supporting by one star!

  Stabilization of the conditions leads to increase in periods of development of the matter in all forms of activity of the out world. If we remember of gravitational time, tempo of living in the thinner worlds is quicker, than in rougher ones, reactions velocities on external actions are higher in them also.

  As we see, it occurs concentration of all worlds in areas, where planets, stars, and their generation places are. Localization of conditions on large distances leads to uniqueness of all matter forms development, i.e. to various originations. For example, local condition of Australia led to development of marsupial animals.

  Let’s look at a human being and answer our question: “Do a human and all the living obtain multi-layer property?” Yes, they do, and phantoms photos prove this. Let’s remember the Middle Ages and metallic knights’ armours. Our visible body is armours for our thinner body, which has to survive in the new rougher world.

  Stars, planets, people, and everything in the Universe are born on the basis of thinner worlds with layering rougher and rougher worlds with complete analogy with phantom.

  It should be mentioned here, that all processes in the nature are circular. Firstly a Star grows, and neutrons are grown, and then a backward breaking Light down into all carriers of the thinner worlds occurs.

  If you remember definitions of energy and work, we can see in vertical combining, i.e. work, but as the start served energy-division. An impression may be formed, that it is consequences of the Big Bang, and the theory with the same name can exist. In accordance with that theory, it is necessary first of all to integrate stars-neutrons for realizing the project on collecting all matter in one body. That work cannot be done by two main reasons:

1. Stars dimensions are not calibrated, and so the stars cannot be collected in pentads;
2. Stars Light is the most powerful mechanical repulsive force in the Universe, which acts like repulsive forces at proximity alike poles of magnets, and which will prevent a unified starting body for the Big Bang from forming.

  A circular process of the Universe origin on the basis of the Big Bang is impossible, but combining and division of the stars are possible while tangential colliding (when repulsive forces are overcome). An explosion will occur at the central collision of stars (Fig. 27).

  Let’s consider occurring the very first star of the thinnest Universe world. We have uniformly distributed particles in the infinite space – allow them to move and to interact.

  Particles interactions and motions will lead without fail to that uniformly distributed density (conditional assumption) will be broken though in one local area of the infinite space.

  Particles fluxes will occur from the higher density area to the lower one. If a flow exists – chemical elements will begin forming – this is work on integrating particles with decrease of their action area and increase of rarefaction between the two zones. Chemical elements, as the larger structures, will move to the center of the rarefied zone by inertia, forming there a gas-and-liquid cloud with crystalline inclusions. The increase of rarefaction between the cloud and the rest space, will lead to an increase of flows velocity and energy carriers formation on those first particles. They will be short impulse currents (similarity to high-frequency currents), which having collided with the cloud, will transform into thermal carriers and will start heating it up. The flows and heating up will lead to chemical elements needles growth. The spherical rarefied zone, its surface will constantly increase in, and quantity of high-frequency currents through it will increase in also. When the cloud and the rarefied zone reach sufficient dimensions to produce high breakdown voltage, lightning will occur, and the chemical elements will start overgrowing with pentads to globoids with calibration by centrifugal force at the given temperature. Let’s look at the made on the Earth photo (Fig. 28) to make sure of possibility of such a vertical lightning flow existence.

  Let’ stress the main point here: “What can we see, if we look at the clouds with lightning from the top – from airoplane or spacecraft?” Let’s imagine, that Earth’s surface are covered such clouds with lightning, and from the top, we shall see a luminous sphere. Huge spots – lightning roots in the clouds, will radiate Light in the outer space. Having watched in a telescope, and photographed such an object, the astronomers will consider it a star. In the centers of many galaxies today, we can see huge light structures (scattered Light structures) (Fig.29) surpassing total luminescence of many millions of stars in dimensions and in force. What is it? It is a former black hole, and now – “mother” bearing stars garlands with detachment of gas sleeves, in which they are situated. Such a powerful light structure in the center of the galaxy does not scatter the stars by its Light force by the reason, that light mass is directed inside, and the whole material are used for generating a huge mass of stars with the help of lightning.

Such insertions will be made regularly, to make sure of correctness of reasoning.

Let’s go on.

  The cloud will be saturated with those õ –neutrons until pentads occur in them, which moving from the high density zone surface to the center could not meet the same ones to form chemical elements on a new basis.

  Having met in the center, õ –neutrons cannot form chemical elements, because flows have disappeared, and a globoid is formed there from them with a double twisting under various directed forces actions. That body begins to grow, twisting the cloud and “eating it up”, because õ –neutrons are formed on the basis of its chemical elements.

  When the cloud has been processed, and lightning have collided with õ –neutrons body, they will begin reflecting from it – it will be the first Light of the star embryo.

  Being the most powerful mechanical force, Light will sharply increase the spherical rarified zone because of compressing particles of the surrounding space with forming chemical elements, and forming the cloud in it.

  As Light increased the rarified zone, the lightning disappeared because of insufficient voltage.

  Light impulse was one-time and the outer cloud rushed to the rarified zone to the rotating õ –neutron body.

  At the moment of collision, a shock wave (a surface of a thin thickness, in which a chain reaction occurs) is generated, in which chemical elements of the outer cloud began to be processed into õ – neutrons.

  After reflecting, the spherical shock wave pulled the outer cloud after it again, continuing to form chemical elements at that (the dark matter) until complete fading out.

  After compressing, the outer cloud (the dark matter) will rush again to the vacuum zone to the globoid, and the process will repeat a lot of times – it is a pulsar – a star – a child.

  Let’s cite a paragraph (“Signals from … the Black Hole!” A magazine “NLO”), which is a confirmation of the theory. Light on the basis of õ – neutrons is not seen by us, as well as X-radiation. “…having based on the research spacecraft “RHTE” data, NASA astronomers, informed about the observed by them unique phenomenon. X-ray beams in the certain periods of time are thrown off from the gaseous circle of the black hole (not luminous yet. Author)! It is best of all explained by the matter disturbance around the black hole. Such a phenomenon occurs at periodical displacement of the gaseous circle orbit. The scientists made a conclusion – consequently, the black hole distorts space-time, and the matter together with that. At present astronomers consider possibility of existence of an analogous phenomenon around neutron stars”.

  Let’s remember, that all the time we have spoken about repetition of principles and processes in parallel worlds. The paragraph runs about X-ray carriers-particles, which are larger, than a neutrino (an electromagnetic carrier of the 1-st world), and we are speaking about õ – neutron of the õ – parallel world. The matter of case at that does not change in the multi-layer world and õ – neutron began a process in the given certain case. Let’s remember, that Light moves not after the shock wave, but to the opposite side. Expanding, the shock wave moves from the õ – neutron body, and there is not Light in the surrounding space (no X-ray impulse. Author). When it fades out, and the compressed cloud rushes back to the body to the rarified zone, Light from it will rush to the outer space (it is a periodical X-ray impulse with periodical disturbances of the cloud by the shock wave in the paragraph).

  The scientists’ conclusions have been cited with one aim only, in order, that you could comprise and analyze them. A moment always occurs in the periodical action of the pulsar, when the last shock wave is unable to be generated. The cloud is maximal heated up and pressed to the õ – neutron body. It is steam in the main mass, as well as our usual clouds on the Earth. A reason, by which the last shock wave was not generated, is insufficient its velocity because of increased in a huge mass. What occurs at the moment of contact with the õ – neutron body, rotating around two axes? A thick spherical film from pentads and cubes of the õ –neutrons scales off under action of centrifugal forces and of the cloud collision. To make things clearer, let’s pass to our common life. Everyone has lavatory, and there is some lavatory paper in the shape of a roll there. Take a roll in the left hand, and the paper end in the right one, and start pulling it a little. At the same time, start rotating to you the roll by your left hand. As a result, we have double rotation of the paper roll and a conical helical twisting the paper tape in the shape of a pipe. Let’s note, that the tape goes out from the roll tangentially. Let’s imagine, that a lot of conical helical pipes go out tangentially – it is an orbital plane of the roll. Now, let’s substitute the cylindrical roll of paper to the spherical one and try to do the same actions. Some changes will occur in us. The spherical film will start tearing into strips, as if it would come from cut into a great many parts cylindrical roll. As a result, we shall obtain not a single conical helical pipe, but many ones – they are star threads, which are twisting among themselves in small groups, like threads in clothes ropes – they are star trunks of tornado.

  If you look at the conical helical pipe from the lavatory paper, we shall see, that it would get a rather rigid construction and it may serve as a pointer in principle. You can move some not heavy objects with the help of such a pointer.

  A thick spherical film of the star also tears into stripes, from which pipes – star threads are twisted, obtaining certain rigidity, capable of pressing steam clouds out.

Heaving, threads formation, pressing clouds out are collapse of the star. As we see, it is star generation. We can see the star generation, in which the atmosphere occurred in the shape of threads, and light from them started pressing the steam-and-gaseous-and-dusty cloud out, but not its death in the photo “By such way the stars die”. Afterwards, the cloud will start crystallizing partially, and will tear into parts. Light and gravity will form planets and satellites from the cloud parts. What it goes like this, it is easy to make sure having looked at Fig. 29 at the galaxy with a light structure, which one to one repeats the photograph of the star with the same steam-and-gaseousand- dusty cloud, but alive it is sufficient larger, and lightning grow a lot of stars into it.

  They differ only that embryos and children of stars are grown in the light formation of the galaxy, and a real star, giving light with decreasing in mass is born there. There is not dying in the both cases. While dying the star, a picture will be different. It is shown arrangement of the star-Sun in Fig. 20(à). All stars of all parallel worlds have such an arrangement.

  We have obtained helical pipe-threads of the õ – neutron star, but where is Light?

  Let’s start with the threads sides. There is a rotating helical flow there, and we have known, if a circular flow exists – we shall obtain an analogue of magnetic lines of force of all kinds of particles in that side. It is the first thing.

  Secondly, at the presence of the circular lines of force, a gravitational flow perpendicular to them directed to the thread axis will occur without fail. Collision of various particles will lead to their splintering in the main, and part of them will start growing – it is giving energy off, and a thermonuclear explosion inside the thread for the 1-st world. Let’s remain the explosion name – “thermonuclear” for the õ – neutron star and all worlds. If an explosion exists – a spherical shock wave exists (a thin thickness
surface, in which a chain reaction runs) in the root beginning of the thread in the first
present sufficient circumstances.

  The shock wave surface shakes the threads sides up increasing of the particle outburst in the hollow part, shakes loose the surface shell of the star body and moves along the thread-pipe to its outlet. Vacuum zone is formed after the shock wave, in which all particles (let’s call them material) rush, forming a flow with moving sharp boundary before it, and they are conditions for forming needles, threads, and energy carriers ropes of Light in the given case.

  Also, we have known, that at the presence of the shock wave, Light moves to the opposite direction of it, to the vacuum zone under usual conditions on the Earth. Gases flow, moving after it, cannot produce Light. The star thread consists a very little quantity of Hydrogen “cubes” and Helium “sticks”, which could be taken for large particles, and Light is formed as after the shock wave in the opposite its direction, so in the flow of the material in one direction with it. We have two opposite directed Light flows and different velocities of motion of the shock wave and Light ropes of the material directed to one side. Light ropes of the material split Light ropes of the shock wave and reverse direction of their formation flow. A single coinciding with the shock wave direction of Light remains in consequence of the collision. Light will be produced into the thread, until it has the shock wave. The shock wave fades out after coming out from the thread. Sides of the pipethread end come to the vacuum zone after the shock wave and contract. Remaining material flow tears a piece of the thread end, which has blocked its way, off and carries everything away to the outer space – it is a stellar wind. The threads are good visible on the Sunspots (Fig. 30 à, b).

  Conditions for the shock wave generation in the thread are very often insufficient, and then without chopping off, the threads start growing. The star gravitational flow, moving to it in evolvent, makes loops from such threads (Fig. 31).

  It may happen, that there are not shock waves in the whole rope from the star threads, and then a similarity to American tornado consisting from many loops in the final phase is generated (Fig. 32).

  Light impulsively comes out from the threads. So, that average impulse lasts for 160 minutes on the Sun. The thread itself reminds of the fiberglass luminaire thread, from the end of which Light comes out. The shock wave velocity is about 4 km/s. Altitude of the Sun atmosphere will be approximately 38400km. Neutron body of stars in all parallel world is cold, as the whole energy is in the conserved form in the neutrons’ pentads and Hydrogen “cubes”.

  Birth of the 1-st (our modern rough) world star always begins with birth of the thinnest world star, which is conventionally called as the x –world. That scheme from the thinnest x –world to the roughest 1-st world is preserved forever, whatever would be formed in the Universe. Geometrical dimensions increases in from the thin world to the rough one. The seen by us like some phenomenon, has passed through the chain of all the worlds, and we can see the eventual result only. In the thinnest world, tempo of the gravitational time is fastest, and movements’ velocities of the particles, elements are also maximal relative to another worlds. While passing from that thin world to all subsequent ones, tempo of time are slowed, and so are the movements’ velocities. From there, the following conclusion is: before the 1-st world star birth, which we observe, one and the same star has been born in every parallel world at the same place. In other words, that scenario was repeated one to one in all parallel worlds, i.e. today event is repetition and consequence of one and the same event in the preceding worlds. The preceding star appears as vacuum to every subsequent star. So, the preceding star to any usual star is an X-ray (or electromagnetic) star.

  We started our consideration with the very first star birth in the Universe and constantly jumped to the modern stars for comprising. By that reason, it might not be formed a very precise conception about events in time sequence. A cycle of superposition and development of the worlds starts with the star system birth and dies with it together. There is not a constant cast of the Universe from its birth up to nowadays in the nature. A constant development with generation of every new star and formation of a new multilayer world occurs. The absolute emptiness temporary zone – a black hole, is come by the first particles, chemical elements, liquids, and crystalline solids of the thinnest world as the fastest ones, which form an acting primary star (dark energy). Then, the subsequent world considers the preceding star as the emptiness zone with a sphere inside, to be freely adsorbed, and so repeatable process continues to our 1-st world. After generating gas atmosphere of the star, and pressing clouds out by Light from multi-layer worlds, the thinnest worlds would move first from their high density zone to the lower one, which would form centers of the future planets and satellites.

  After generating planets and satellites, and this is an increase of the multi-layer worlds density, moving with developing the thing worlds into their surface layers of the lower density would start. In those layers, the giant space flows are absent, and in result of heating planets and satellites up, a number of all worlds’ new chemical elements kinds will start increasing in. The first “eaters”, in the proper sense of word, are particles of all worlds, which “eat up” the multi-layer gravitational flows of the star for forming its small magnets and maintaining its mechanical excitation. They are followed by chemical elements and energy carriers, which form small magnets and maintain excitation of their neutrons’ pentads in the needles in all worlds. We have known already, that gravitational flow is energy, i.e. “food”. The primary “mouth” is South pole of any small magnet. Evolution from inanimate nature to animate one is built on “feeding” the larger small magnets by smaller one with forming convenient systems in using various chemical elements of multi-layers worlds. For example, our 1-st world chemical element combines
to itself not only the first world chemical elements, but all worlds’ chemical elements, i.e. the formed certain system, which can “feed” the gravitational flow on. The elements, which will be unable to “feed on” by any of the reasons, will simply break down, and passages or channels will occur in the multi-layer system. So the first multi-layer pipes – worms are formed, and the animate nature evolutionary process starts.

  Principles of evolutionary development of the animate nature in the parallel worlds will be considered in item “Planets and Satellites”.

  Principles of the star evolution will be considered in item “Galaxies”.