Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics


  Nowadays, a so-called Big Bang theory on the Universe origin dominates on the former Soviet territory. It follows from that the whole Universe matter was compressed into one body, and after the Bang, it filled infinite space.

  Here, we have a direct contradiction, that a certain sized body breaking down into ultimate particles, will be unable to fill infinite space with subsequent forming gases, liquids, and solids. There are more questions, than answers in that theory, and NA
considers, that there is nothing right in it.

  From the Neutron Astrophysics point of view, the Universe is infinite space filled with various particles, some of which have close to zero masses. Where the particles, energy for twisting, and the infinity space occur from – NA has not had any answer yet. It is admitted as a fact that space exists and it is filled with carrying mechanical energy particles. If we can answer the single question: “Where does infinite space appear from?” we would guess, the emptiness to be able to generate the matter. So, the 1-st world vacuum (actually emptiness for modern science) generates the visible to us out world matter.

  There, it is necessary to touch the question connected with anti-world. The fundamental science quite seriously uses the terms “antiparticle”, and “virtual particle” to describe physics of particles. The antimatter consists of those antiparticles. So, it is antiworld.

  Let’s give an exact definition, what anti-world is. If our world is infinitely large space, as a defining basis, anti-world is infinitely small space, i.e. it is a point without geometric dimensions. There are neither matter, nor particles in that point by the definition. So, there is not and anti-world there. So, we have determined with the proper sense of anti-world.

  Let’s pass to old physics views. “Antiparticles – every particle has its antiparticle, possessing the same mass, and the same spin as the particle, which has opposite charge, baryon number, and so on.”

  What that science can tell on the question: “What is a positive charge, or negative one?” Strange as it may seem – absolutely nothing! It doesn’t understand physics of that phenomenon, though it constantly operates by the phenomenon while reasoning. Opposite charges in the Universe are the opposite poles of the permanent magnet: plus – North, and minus – South. The Universe is absolutely neutral, and it has no charges. That fabled antiworld is no more, than a mirror image of one and the same world, and it does not exist in nature at all. To speak of virtual particles in non-existent world is nonsense.

  We have come to the crucial point of differences of all world theories of the Universe origin. Nobody has known exact number of them. Moreover, strange as it may seem, they have one common basis, besides NA.

  What is that basis?

  It is easiest to be determined, if we proceed from the beginning – the infinitely large space:

1. We have that space as a fact.
2. We fill it mentally, with various free particles.
3. We fill it with chemical elements of the visible to us outer world.
4. We fill it with chemical elements of invisible world, don’t we? For example, with chemical elements from the magnetic field, is it possible or not? Or do they not exist in nature at all?

  Practically instantly items 3 and 4 detect that basis. The visible world consists of the chemical elements of D.I. Mendeleev’s periodic table, and there are not another kinds of chemical elements in nature! This is a basis of all the theories.

  What is a principle difference of NA scientific view of the world from one of the rest theories? Above all, NA is science consisting of a great many of theories, based on its own fundamental sciences (physics and chemistry), which permits to consider the Universe from one frame of mind, beginning with absolute emptiness, and finishing by galaxies, in distinction from special theories considering the problem without complete coordination with existing fundamental sciences (those sciences are false from NA point of view, but there are no others for using in the aim of founding theories of the Universe origin in the scientists).

  Further, from the First Chapter, you have known the Universe mystery, which consists in obtaining chemical elements from any identical particles in the smooth flux and any energy carriers in the shape of needles, threads, and ropes in the same flux, but with a sharp boundary on its density (a hot filament of the lamp and its bulb vacuum, and etc.).

  So, having infinitude of particles, we shall obtain infinitude of the chemical elements tables in each specific case on its special kind.

  We shall also obtain infinitude of the energy carriers, formed in each specific case on a specific particle from the infinite list.

  Having a set from the basic energy carrier of the 1-st world Light, and chemical elements on the basis of a neutron, and a magnetic field on the basis of a neutrino, we have obtained a visible outer world.

  The 2-nd world is formed on the base of neutrinos and super neutrinos, and so on to infinity, but all those worlds are already invisible to us because of the absence of our own observation facilities.

  Three new fundamental sciences are sciences of infinite parallel worlds.

  People even do not think for, that in evolution, the first homo sapience came into being not on the Earth, and even not in the visible world. He came from the depth of the invisible parallel worlds. After our death in the visible world, we “come away” backward.

  Let’s answer our question: “Is a neutron a largest particle, or there is a larger one after it, and there is a world of giants near to us?”

  Let’s look at out world, and we can see, that a particle, exactly reproducing a neutron by its structure, but of huge dimensions only, is a cold neutron body of a star. Stars neutron bodies are not calibrated on mass and by that reason they cannot form chemical elements and energy carriers.

  From this, we have a well observable a particles masses-limit area – a neutrons one. A sufficient narrow zone has occurred between a neutron of the 1-st world chemical element and a neutron – “star”. In that narrow zone, there are deviations to increases of the masses in quite large quantities only in non-calibrated stars Light neutrons in the form of
stellar wind.

  There is not a parallel world of giants near to us. Nowadays we are the world of giants for all worlds. For occurring giants larger, than us, it is necessary to calibrate neutrons in a shock wave while forming the star neutron body at the temperature below 6000îÑ, but in that case, processes would be fading out in the pulsar, and a big star will be unable to be born. So we have been to the zone, after which an increase “in vertical” would not be any more. All processes in the Universe will run “in horizontal” only, and it means, that processes of energy transformations into the matter, and vice versa with some variations will run. We have boundary conditions from the top. Consequently, they are and from the bottom. The conclusion: the absolute emptiness can bear nothing material, and the Universe started with the smallest particle and was developing to an increase of it. In its turn, that led to a change of the particles densities and to occurring flows, which were building chemical elements and energy carriers “in vertical” to the top.

  It is uncustomary in textbooks to use newspaper articles as arguments, but fresh facts from our dynamic life are unable to be found in other editions (science simply brushes them aside, as it cannot put even a poor sound argument forward).

  A newspaper “Panorama No 12, 2004 Donetsk, Alexander Yagodkin’s article, from Voronezh, ““Extraterrestrials were being found, but … THE PAST has been found,” (see “Gravitational Field”).

  In addition to the article, let’s recollect the wide world known Kirlians’ photos into the high frequency field, in which leaves from trees, stones, and objects were photographed after their removing from the rooms, where the photographing was taking

  Those two distant in time for tens years facts were easy checked up and are checked up, and nobody has ever called them scientific falsifications. There was a great many attempts to explain that phenomenon, but they didn’t have even simple logic. Science humbly said nothing.

  Let’s try on the base of the above mentioned to explain the given phenomenon. Let’s fix our attention on the well-known and constantly repeating rule: if there is a flux of any sufficient density identical particles – chemical elements will start their forming. Liquids chains and their crystallization will tail after chemical elements.

  Let’s begin with the well known to every person facts. For example, you enter a room, where nobody in, and guess by perfume fragrance that a woman to have been there. Perfume is complicated chemical compounds at a small quantity of paired chains occupied the whole volume of the room. That room can visit a very sweaty and stinky person with the same end result. And you unambiguously will define he to have been there. Now, let’s combine all human’s emissions in the form of finished chemical molecules, thermal carriers, and energy carriers on all kinds of particles and let’s fix that fact the maximal density of the above mentioned to be in close proximity to the person and increasing in as moving away from him. In other words, we have flows.

  A shell, where chemical elements of various worlds will start forming from various particles, is very thin, as their sufficient density is just in it. If we move further towards the thinnest worlds on the thinnest small particles, a quantity of chemical elements, liquids chains, and lattices from them will increase in. The larger chemical elements, liquids, and lattices will stall in the substance of the thinner world.

  In the thin shell, all worlds will superimpose and our 1-st world perfume and sweat molecules were last what will stall in them.

  Boris Ermolaev and Ninel Kulagina are forming between their hands a gas-liquidcrystalline viscous cloud from parallel worlds chemical elements, which encloses an object. While raising their hands, the viscous cloud pulls the object after it. If the arms are
kept still, the object will be gradually descending, until it falls. Vertically standing cylinders, cigarettes are better enclosed by the cloud and are easier raised. The lying on the table same objects are enclosed by the cloud much worse, and to raise them is more difficulty, and period of their holding sharply decreases in. That cloud is not forming in vacuum because of shortage of sufficient density particles to form chemical elements of all worlds. If the density is sufficient, at the presence of the sharp boundary, energy carriers - Light of all world, which are invisible for us, for instance X-ray light, will be formed.

  If anybody had hit on an idea to take photos in a high frequency field on the analogy with Kirlian in those experiments, everybody would have seen that cloud in the photo.

  Let’s return to the interrupted text.

  If a person was in one position for a long time, for instance, a soldier in a trench before a battle, he had time to form his own hollow “monument” with thickness of its shell up to 3 ñm. When the man comes from his “monument” (phantom), his liquids and body lattices tear a multi-layer shell by turns, which has time to renew itself by turns also, having at the same moment a lot of other bonds. The “monument” remained at its place, and the man went away.

  Reflectivity of the “monument” shell is very small, and a human eye cannot see it. Its structural destruction resistance exceeds all invented by mankind for today. Imagine a concrete wall, which has a multi-layer reinforcement and multi-layer porous substances, which can self-renew. It is difficult to imagine, what weapon need for its destruction.

  Now, let’s pass to high frequency currents and ultra-violet radiation. Let’s begin, as usual, with the more observable phenomenon – ultra-violet radiation. A winter sports resort and winter suntan of chocolate-coloured skin lovers come into mind at once. Ultra-violet radiation is the same daylight, but with higher velocities of the former peripheral needles and threads from its ropes, which have one distinctive feature – weak magnetic fields, and weak structural stability of the neutrons’ pentads because of weak gravitational compression. Vibrations amplitude is maximal in neutrons, and accordingly, neutron (nuclear) driving force and velocity increase in. Let’s look at Fig. 26, where formation of a reflection plane in any lattice is shown.

  In Fig. 26, it is seen, that ultra-violet radiation penetrating deeply in the lattice, to be unable to form a reflected needle, or thread of Light, and it to transform completely into free thermal carriers. At the penetrating depth in the destruction plane, a high-pressure zone of thermal carriers from neutrons is formed. They moving to free zones, form fluxes, including from a lattice surface (for example, a human body) to atmosphere. If a flow occurs – chemical elements Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, and Bohr will begin forming. In order, that a gases flow gave a luminescence, which we could photograph, it is necessary to light a common gas-stove burner.

Photos of Kirlians’ are given for comparison with the above-stated proves

  Here, we have to skip ahead and to show the most interesting moment in the gases burning phenomenon.

  Everyone knows, it needs Oxygen for combustion, which is in air only 21%, and Nitrogen is 79% there, but it doesn’t take part in combustion absolutely. They stand close in the Chemical elements table, and it would seem a small part of Nitrogen to have to take part in combustion, but there is nothing in practice. What’s the matter?

  Let’s take an explosive mixture some Hydrogen with Oxygen and put it into metallic cylinder at room temperature. Nothing burns and explodes. The second question occurs: “What’s the matter? What is there missed?” It is clear – fire. Fire – is flows of free thermal carriers and Light energy carrier. We increase temperature in the cylinder up to 200îÑ – nothing burns. The thermal carriers have not helped. Just Light has remained. Now, let’s attentively look at molecules N2 and Î2 – it is horizontal compounding hedgehogs pairs of Nitrogen and Oxygen, which are not enough active and will not favour combustion. Let’s direct to them Light with most active peripheral needles from ropes – ultra-violet radiation, practically having no small magnets, which allows to collide paired “hedgehogs” needles without magnetic repulsion. To make short guess, let’s look at the finished product of combustion between Hydrogen and Oxygen – it is steam, i.e. Í2Î. As we see, Î2 molecule is broken down, and N2 is not. Let’s look at melting point: Î2 – 54,36îÊ, N2 – 63,15îÊ. Covalent bond is weaker in Oxygen. Ultra-violet radiation is enough just to its threshold. It can destroy covalent bond in Fluorine (F2) with melting point t=53,0îÊ.

  What happened after colliding ultra-violet radiation needle with pair of Oxygen “hedgehogs” Î2?

  Î2 became two “hedgehogs”-gas Î with active twisting around vertical axis in the gravitational flow (Oxygen sharp activation occurred).

  Ultra-violet needle broke down into thermal carriers, which are inside the magnetic field of Oxygen “hedgehog”-“gas”.

  In a result of a sharp twisting, four rotating needles in the horizontal plane knock out thermal carriers from its inner magnetic field, and they scatter around the “hedgehog” like stones from a sling (missile weapon of the Middle Ages). Having hit in the Hydrogen “cube”, a fast neutron (which is not pure thermal) sharply shakes it up. Oscillations amplitude of Hydrogen tetrads reaches inadmissible limit, and the “cube” is breaking down into thermal carriers. Density of the latter increases in, and flows occur, which produce Light, and combustion process has begun. Further, combustion is sustained because of ultra-violet radiation of its own Light.

  Let’s return to the “monument” shells and flows from them, of Hydrogen, Helium, and so on.

  It is necessary to set fire them for obtaining a photo of such a “monument”, and this, in its turn, is possible at sufficient powerful ultra-violet radiation only. By that reason, any shadow at the place of photography, decrease of temperature, and a wind eliminate a possibility of any repeated photographers. It is necessary quiet sunny summer weather with maximal temperatures, or a winter sports resort at sunny weather to obtain repeated photographs.

  Phantoms photos made by the Kirlians’ in high frequency electric field and phantoms photos in the ultra-violet spectrum are perfectly identical at the final stage, but they are different at the initial one.

  While colliding from different directions in the alternating current, pressed out perpendicular to the conductor surface electricity needles on the basis of neutrinos, reproduce ultra-violet needles by analogy and also penetrate into phantom lattice, but they itself cannot “bear” gases of the 1-st world, which we can control.

  We have to abstract from it again. Where does heat occur from in live conductors, electric generators producing electric current?

  In the generator, there are electromagnets, which pump gravitational flow containing thermal neutrons. Rotating conductors capture the gravitational flow in the shape of magnetic field energy carriers, form current ropes, and at that, capture the thermal carriers, which current drives on the conductors. A part of them wastes on its way, and other part comes from the gravitational flow, which passes through wires.

  While having turned on accelerating engines, needles of the high frequency current come out from the wire. They capture the thermal neutrons and drive them into the phantom shell.

  Thermal carriers high density in the shell, flows, chemical elements, and their combustion with luminescence occur anew. We may make photos.

  I hope I have succeeded in making you believe in multi-layer worlds in the Universe, transference of matter, energy in a result of changes in their density in different areas and self-organization on the simplest principles.