Terms and definitions


1. Short termed action (There is not explanation in old physics) – is vibrating (impacting) interaction of neutrons’ pentads’ globoids in “hedgehogs” needles.

2. The presence of electrons energy levels (shells) – are neutrons’ pentads’ shells in “hedgehogs” needles.

3. The presence of magnetic spins – is a general magnetic field of “hedgehog, consisting of the six small magnets of the needles.

4. Electron cloud formation – is of the tentative spherical surface, resulted in rotation of the “hedgehog”-isotope “liquid” around two axes. A “hedgehog”-“gas”, while rotating around its vertical axis in the gravitational flow, looks like a whirligig (a toy), besides of a Hydrogen “cube” in the shape of cylinder. A “hedgehog”-isotope “solid state” doesn’t have any rotations.

5. Overlapping electron clouds – is possible in two “cubes” only: one of Hydrogen in gas state at the covalent non-polar bond, and one in two “hedgehogs”-isotope “liquid” having metal bond in all elements, which could have that kind of chemical bond.

6. Transmutation of elements – is a loss or an attachment of one shell of neutrons’ pentads in the “hedgehog” needles while passing from one chemical element to the subsequent, or antecedent one by comparison in the gas state. All chemical elements are generated in the gas state.

7. A shift a state of aggregation of chemical elements – are the presence of different sized needles in the “hedgehogs” and a change in rotations of the axes (N – N, S - S) in the horizontal and vertical planes (Fig. 23).

8. Radioactivity – is a loss of the end neutrons’ pentad in the “hedgehog” needles under collisions of the free neutrons of the gravitational flow or local chain reactions of the element itself (this is in natural environment and at not high above-zero temperatures till +50îÑ).

  At activated radioactivity with an increase of temperature above +50îÑ, a detachment of a part of pentads of one of the six needles occurs under additional collisions of the increasing in quantity of thermal neutrons, what leads to occurring combined α – set (a piece of the needle) and a radioactive element. The combined α – set does not constitute a real danger for a person life at not high their density. The maximal danger is burns. Modern science don’t know what a radioactive element is essential and in what its danger for a human life is. Hence, there are not right methods to fight against that catastrophe.

  A «hedgehog”, in which a half of its needle was detached, (Fig.24) would turn into a terrible deadly weapon on the cell level, because a powerful neutron (nuclear) accelerating mechanism was turned on in it.

  While moving towards the axis N1O, the “hedgehog”-cripple cuts mechanically everything what occurs in its way, especially the flesh, by the axes S–S and N–N. It is very difficulty to stop it, because it is the largest “hedgehogs” from chemical elements with the highest twisting of neutrons. There are not any possibilities to extend the shortened needle and to balance all forces in the “hedgehog” under normal conditions, because such elements are generated at the temperatures higher, than +2000îÑ. Having become a “Terrible beast”, just the same such a “hedgehog” has the heel of Achilles – a disturbed and distorted magnetic field (Fig. 25).

  In the lateral magnetic field of the sufficient extent, that “hedgehog” will be certain to be turned to one of the poles, and it will come out from the flesh, certainly, cutting it, and the nuclear engine will press it to the magnet body or the film – a trap on the magnet body, which could be changed without changing the magnet (for example, magnetic alloys of the stainless steel). Such a “hedgehog”-cripple quite well stalls into viscous fluids consisting of various chemical elements. Such fluid is blood. By that reason, it is necessary to process the blood into the strong drawing magnetic field first.

α, β, γ – radiations:

α – is a set of two end neutrons’ pentads, consisting of 10 pieces of suppressed additionally by own magnetic field neutrons, which have a neutron (nuclear) accelerating mechanism. This is the shortest Light needle, which is absolutely safe for human, because it breaks into thermal neutrons down while the first collision with the liquids needles or the substance lattices.

The not high-density flow α – sets under action of the accelerating forces – is α – radiation.

β – radiation is a thermal flux of a not high-density of free neutrons, obtained in consequence of decay of α – sets and end neutrons’ pentads of the “hedgehogs” needles, and also of Light.

γ – radiation is large fragments of the broken down neutrons, which don’t have a high stability because of the absence of calibration by one size and while colliding with other carriers and “hedgehogs” needles, they continue splintering passing into X-radiation, magnetic one, and free thermal carriers from neutrinos.

  All radiations are absolute safe for human. All of them are generated primary from Light, in which we live. Any objections may be raised, that things are different, and there is a danger there. In this case, having not known exactly, what the radiations are essential, science confounds various processes. Let’s have a look, for instance, at the magnetic lines of force and electric current. We have ropes from neutrinos in the both cases. The ropes are splintered into small pieces and have less a lot diameter in the magnetic line of force, than the solid ropes of electric current. We take magnets in hand absolutely safety, and the lines of force pass through us without any harm. If electric current pass through a human, he will get the strongest shock through the death. Can the magnetic field kill? Yes, it can! At the increase of its density, i.e. the ropes diameters and lengths, we move towards impulse electric current, which will kill, as usual electric current.

  If we sharply increase density of α, β, γ – radiations, we shall obtain light current – short impulse lightning (arc) from α and β radiations, γ – radiation gives short impulse gamma current, which is more power, than electric one at the same density, X-radiation gives X-current. The short impulse currents have a higher penetrability, than solid currents at the same density.

  At the shock of the solid electric current, a body surface suffers most of all. At the shock of the short impulse currents, mainly internals parts of body suffer. At that, derma can be uninjured at all.

  There is a well-known phenomenon, which can’t be explained, when innards burn in a dressed man, but his derma, and clothes are undamaged! That human came under short impulse currents – from magnetic up to gamma-currents.

9. Artificial radioactivity of non-radioactive elements – is α – sets detachments to the “hedgehogs” needles with overcoming magnetic repulsive forces. The unbalanced neutron (nuclear) mechanism of motion of the “hedgehog” is turned on. The “hedgehog” is double active, than the isotope (ion) one, but it is much weaker, than the “cripple” one, because of low twisting in the neutrons. It can harm an organism by not cutting the flesh, but deforming cells and hindering them in work. It is necessary to fight against that “hedgehog” just by chemical methods with the subsequent getting it out of the organism.