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 THE (hollow) EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD - is a magnetic field of a spherical electric coil.

  Let’s look at Fig. 9., where the Earth’s magnetic field is depicted in vertical section. If we mentally begin to apply a winding on the crust as a coil starting with the South Pole, that it comes from us on the left, and comes to us on the right, and gradually climbs to the North Pole, we shall obtain a spherical coil. Electric current in the coil comes the same, as we would have allied a winding: on the left – from us, on the right – to us. As a result, we shall obtain a picture Fig. 9. What takes place just so, and the Earth’s magnetic field is electrical, will be proved just now.

  An extract from astronomy: “Any nebular hypothesis about the origin of a planet system must explain all its main relationships referring to the large planets (we may reckon without small bodies).”

  Those main relationships are the following:

1. All the planets move around the Sun in elliptical orbits varied little from circular ones.

  Explanation 1. We have a look at Fig. 19, where an orbital plane of the Sun and the planet is depicted by the top view. By neutron science, Light is the most complicated energy carrier in the Universe. It carries six fields: Light, mass, magnetic, gravitational, electric, and thermal. Light is a solution of the General field theory. While starting, it is tangentially thrown away as the mass of material and then, it forms into needles, threads, and ropes in the threads after the shock wave and proceeds moving tangentially. The planet is in the wedge section line of Light. Let’s draw two axes: the axis passing through the bodies’ centers of the Sun and the planet, and the axis of the section line passing through the middle of the arc between tangent lines to the Sun – point A and the center of the planet – point Â. Light presses on the planet on the axis of the section line at an angle of α with an axis of the bodies and tries to move the planet apart from the Sun. The magnetic field and its gravitational flow are perpendicular to the axis of the section line for the given planet, and the latter tries to move it in evolvent to the Sun. Now let’s make projections of the force of Light pressure – F1 and of the force of gravity F2 on the axis of the bodies.

  Equality of the forces F1 and F2 will hold the planet at equal distance from the Sun, i.e. on the circular orbit. Let’s draw the axis through the point  perpendicular to the axis of two bodies (it is an orbit), and make projections of the forces of Light pressure, and of gravity on it. The both forces pressure to one direction, and will make the planet orbit to the Sun rotation direction.

The right half of the section line is larger in area, than the left one, i.e. Light mass is larger and longer its way there, the acceleration time and its velocity increase in, that why pressure on the right part of the planet is larger, and it gets direction of twisting like the Luminary has.

2. The planet orbits are in about the same and one plane, closely to the Sun equator forming an angle about 7î with it. An exception is the Pluto orbit tilted to the Earth’s orbit plane at an angle of 17î. That exception is not crucial, because it doesn’t violate the general relation of the planet system in the whole.

  Explanation 2. The Sun neutron solid body rotates around two axes, after combining two velocities’ vectors, we shall obtain a resultant velocity vector, in the plane of which the Luminary equatorial, and orbital planes will pass through.

  The largest velocity of the increase of threads will be on the Equator, and the least one is on the poles, i.e. material feed for forming needles, threads, ropes of Light will be maximal on the equator, and accordingly, magnetic and gravitational fields will be maximal just in the middle of the orbital plane. Now let’s abstract from it and have a look at a small ball, which keeps steady in the vertical water spout in the small fountain, or simply in the vertical air jet. Spherical flowing around the small ball with the denser flow, than the environment, uniformly impacts on it and it allows keeping the ball on the axis of the spout. The same thing occurs while flowing around the planet with a part of the densest gravitational flow (a part of the flow comes into the planet gravitational flow). In the context of planets formed from remnants of the clouds, which were just in the same densest part of the gravitational flow, they remained there as if they had been inserted in it on purpose. The gravitational flow density decreases in to the top, or the bottom edges of the Solar orbital disc. If a body had been put, for example, between the top edge and the middle of the equatorial disc, the flowing around flux velocity would have been larger, and so would have been the rarefaction together with it, and it would have pulled the body to the denser flow, because of the larger density and velocity from the bottom.

Besides that, if you look at the orbital plane from the side (Fig. 20), you can see, that the gravitational flow is moving from the edge to the middle, and the single directed force would act on the body to drive it on the equatorial plane.

  If the Solar system had been a single in the Universe, the planets’ orbits would have been in the orbital plane without tilting at 7î and 17î for the Pluto. The Solar orbital plane is in the galaxy orbital plane of many of the stars, which influence accordingly on tilting the planets’ orbits. The Pluto is very small and its orbit is the most removed from the Sun, but it is maximal proximate the other Stars, and the influence on it is maximal.

3. All the planets rotate around the Sun at the same direction coinciding with the Sun one.

Explanation 3 is in the explanation 1.

4. All the planets rotate around their axes in their motion direction, except for the Uranus and the Venus.

Explanation 4 is in the explanation 1. The Venus and the Uranus like the all planets had collided with large celestial bodies what led to the heavily begriming with dust the atmosphere and transposing the Light pressure difference to the atmosphere, instead of the planet, what led to its rotating around its two axes.

  At present, the Uranus’s atmosphere has taken the dust and the solid clouds off itself, but the body is still rotating around its two axes by inertia. However, in the course of time, the Uranus will take it off itself. Light (Fig.2) will do its work. The Uranus’s
collision occurred earlier, than the Venus’s one did. The Venus has also a double rotation. How does it occur? Let’s look at Fig. 21. After colliding with a sufficient large meteorite, the all atmosphere covers with dust. Light pressures on the atmosphere instead of the body, which rotation is retarded. The second meteorite collision will lead to the double rotation.

5. Close satellites travel around their planets towards their axes rotations, and some of far-out satellites are retrograde ones (with the exception of the Neptunian close satellite Triton).

Explanation 5. If you look at the rotating globoid planet and the much larger tentatively also globoid magnetic field, it is clear, that the gravitational flows will be move to the planet and rotate together with it. A putting into the planet magnetic field body will be under actions of two forces, one of which will try to press it to the planet, and another one to rotate it towards its own rotation direction. This is the normal, (it may be said standard) state of things. The Triton has geysers on its surface, i.e. this is a tiny planet with its own magnetic and gravitational attributes. It must have been trapped by the Neptune while passing between it and the Sun, i.e. when it retrograded, and its orbital velocity was larger, than the Neptune’s one. It is necessary to consider some far-out satellites retrograde rotation under special circumstances, and in the first instance to define whether they are planetary.

6. The total mass of the all planets is noticeably less than the mass of the Sun: 99.87% of the all Solar system mass is in the Sun, and 0.13% is in the planets.

Explanation 6. It took the main mass of the neutrinos’ cloud to form the star, and the remnants came to the planets. It is evident after earlier stated.

7. Angular momentum (or moment of momentum) of the system at 98% is in the planets, and just 2% belongs to the Sun.

Explanation 7. Those estimations are wrong, because who made the calculations had not known that the Sun had two rotation axes, and Light carried the whole throwing away mass from the Luminary surface.

8. Distances between two neighbour planets increase in as they move away from the Sun.

Explanation 8. The planets are former neutrinos’ clouds, which get the stable orbit after forming ice shell of the sphere. Velocity of the shell formation mainly depends on the cloud remnant size and on Light density bringing constructive mass, and also on the shape of that remnant. The more elongated it, the more drawn the process out. The larger cloud remnant, the remoter its future orbit, as it would more difficult to the Sun to process it, and at this, the coming with Light material density decreases in, what leads to the steady increase of the distances between the planets as they move away from the star.

9. By their physical characteristics, the planets form two sharply various groups – the planets of the Earth’s type, and the planets-giants (the Pluto’s nature known a little yet).

Explanation 9. It is obvious, that the planet sizes to be defined by the cloud sizes from which they forming. Remnants sizes don’t have any relationships and they occur at random. The small Pluto in itself could not prove to be on the farthest orbit, initially it was delivered there by the Neptune, and then in twisting, the cloud is divided and the elongated future Pluto moved to the farther orbit.

  The planets formed from the neutrinos’ cloud remnants in the following: 1 – the Mercury, 2 – the Venus, 3 – the Earth + the Mars (+ the Moon), 4 – the Jupiter + the Saturn + the Uranus + the Neptune + the Pluto. As we see, piece No 4 of the cloud was huge, and the Jupiter, the Saturn, the Uranus are separated from it in order, and then the Pluto is separated from the Neptune.

  There are also another relationships, but those are quite enough for understanding what the nebular hypotheses have to explain”.

  The neutron theory of the Universe has solved the problems, connected with both the general field theory, and the neutron structure of the substance and energy carriers.

  Astronomy confirms birth of planets from cold substance. “… Therewith having possessed at the present time data about composition and state of substance on the Earth, planets, and meteorites show, that proto-planet was not exposed to high temperatures on the stage of formation, but it melted and passed differentiation after planets formations”.

  It will be proved in the second chapter (“Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics”), that all planets, including the Earth, to be hollow. On the assumption of that statement at the given time, without proof of astronomers, let’s repeat picture Fig. 19 but having removed the half of the Earth’s sphere with its North Pole (Fig. 22).

  We can see in Fig.22, that Light reaches the Earth’s surface on the section line, and having collided with its lattice or water chains, it breaks down, producing a high density of all carriers and particles in the shape of a thin film in the section line zone. The presence of the carriers density will secure at once two flows occurring: the first one from the Earth’s surface to the cosmos, and the second one from the Earth’s surface to its crust depth.

  If the Earth had not rotated, the electric currents would have moved towards its theoretical axis, i.e. perpendicular to the crust circles.

  Now, let’s remember, that the carriers of gravitation and of currents are ones and the same particles, which are always ready to interactions in all their variety under the same principles.

  Let’s combine energy mass (the gravitational flow directed opposite to the rotation direction), which will deflect electrostatic currents to its motion direction, to the rotating Earth’s crust, and we will get a spiroid path of their motion to the inner surface of the crust. A helical motion of the electrostatic currents with a decrease of the circles diameters will lead to the currents compaction with an increase of electric power per unit of area of the inner surface of the crust, that will certain to come to the lightning discharge and removing the charges. For this reason, minus electric charge is always on the Earth’s surface, and this is a fundamental confirmation of the theory of electrical character of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is unable to be contested.

  Lightning warm the inner surface of the crust and gases in the Earth’s hollow up, i.e. warming-up the planet, hot gases emission, glowing magma inner oceans formations with outbursts through fractures and volcanoes is a result of electric processes, but not of thermonuclear ones.

  “Exploration of the Jupiter moons was started at the end of 70 beginning of 80s years, when having approached to the Jupiter’s satellites the Io, the Europe, the Ganymede, and the Callisto, American “Voyagers” down linked photos of their surfaces. The photographs of the Europe, close to our Moon dimensions, excited the most interest in, and multiyear analysis of them allowed to American scientists Paul Shenk and William Mc-Kinnon to establish a fact, that the surface of that celestial body was covered with a shell of ice! That shell was essentially not an integrated monolith, but it consisted of a lot of blocks of ice continuously moving. The scientists propounded a hypothesis, that there was an ocean of liquid water under the multiple kilometers crust of ice! (Here occurs a proof positive of neutron astrophysics, stating that planets to be generated not from gasand- dust clouds, and planets fragments because of aggregation, but from remnants of neutrinos’ clouds – the dark matter, on surfaces of which, chemical elements from Hydrogen to Oxygen are formed from the broken down Light neutrons, but generated water at once turns into ice. As a result, we have just a crust, but not a solid ice body. At the presence of the ice crust, electrostatic currents, magnetic and gravitational fields occur. Lightning occur in the crust internal surface, and so do steam and oceans of water accordingly. While further processing of ice by lightning, the rest of chemical elements and a solid crust from them occur on the ice surface. Glowing magma instead of the water, and glowing gas instead of the steam will occur at those places, where the solid crust will get to the internal surface. Author.)

  Scientific community has taken Shenk’s and Mc-Kinnon’s bold inferences suspiciously, and even with hostility. However, a several years had not elapsed, when they were confirmed by sensational photos (to whom? Author), to be obtained after the first proximity of the American spaceship “Galilee” to the Europe on the 19 of December 1996. After repeated passing “Galilee” just at 600 kilometres from the Europe’s surface, on 20 of February 1997, a huge scaled ice run on the satellite not only was fixed, but also a numerous plots, on which liquid water to come out to the surface were found out! (If reading the given text scientists are in sound mind and have sufficient knowledge, how will they explain warming up a solid ice sphere, but not a crust, as it is accepted by them to assume, when there are neither thermonuclear processes, nor radioactive materials there? If they were there, such a cold reactor could not be started. Author).

  A computer analysis of the photos shows, that the satellites surface is covered by colossal blocks of ice (tectonic plates. Author) at thickness of from 2-3 to 10 and more kilometers. Those blocks of ice collide one with another, forming drums of ice at height of thousands of metres in a point of impact, execute rotary motions one around another, having resulted oval shape. The mighty ocean, or several oceans wash against under the seamed with cracks crust of ice, and their depth might be at 200 kilometres!

  High activity of submarine volcanoes is considered as one of the causes liquid water existence on the Europe by experts. (Try to imagine a frozen planet, on which terrible energy occurred and submarine volcanoes acted. All Earth’s scientists together are unable to explain occurring energy inside the Europe. It is worthy of note that such energy to have been delivered to all satellites of the Europe, and this is regularity already. All satellites can receive such constant energy power in the form of Light, converted into lightning afterwards, just from a star – the Sun. The inference is evident in neutron astrophysics, but absolutely, it is not observed on a Light carrier – photon. Author).

  The Jupiter’s moons house a lot of riddles and mysteries. The newest data from “Galilee” make us fix our eyes to another Jupiter’s satellite – to the Ganymede. Huge ice masses were found out and high volcano activity was noted there. The Ganymede has a magnetic field. Unlike the Europe, the ice crust on the Ganymede is not solid, and a solid basis is under it, but not liquid water. On the satellite, ice forms cones chains, on tops of which black orbits of craters yawn. Under hard rocks of the satellite, there might have been huge oceans, and water might have been ejected outside periodically freezing up instantly in the shape of ice cones. (The supposition is absolutely exact, but for the false fundamental sciences, we cannot go ahead. Author).

  The Io, one of the Jupiter’s moons, is a mysterious world to the scientists. (And it will remain like this forever, if the false sciences are not put out to pasture. Author). It suggests hell, as it is described by a religious tradition. The Io’s volcanoes disgorge glowing magma at the height of 300 kilometres. Huge lakes of molten sulphur are scattered over the satellite surface. And lately scientists with the help of the telescope “Hubble” have discovered the Io’s luminous polar caps of frozen Hydrogen.

  On the one hand, the discovery confirms the hypothesis of huge temperature drops in various parts of the Io, but on the other hand it just adds riddles. “Nobody from the sciences expected something alike. - Professor Rozler of the American Astronomers’ Association. – We lose ourselves in conjectures: where from does Hydrogen occur? Whydoes it radiate? We haven’t yet obtained any answer.” (This is not true. The answer has been obtained! Hydrogen has been formed from neutrons of the broken down Light ropes in the neutrinos’ cloud. No Hydrogen, but lightning radiate Light from under the crust, that clearly proves all planets hollowness. Author).” At the absence of metals, all magnetic fields of the satellites are electrical.