Terms and definitions


 LIGHT - is a structured energy carrier with its neutron (nuclear) accelerating mechanism in the shape of the needles, threads, and ropes (Fig.2) consisting of the neutrons’ pentads pressing to one side jointed by the magnetic fields on the basis of neutrinos, which capture thousands of particles forming outbursts from the star.

  Velocity of Light is a variable quantity. Colour of Light is defined by its velocity, which depends on the gravitational compression of its magnetic field. The weaker magnetic field – the higher velocity of Light and its colour shifts from red to royal purple. The less compressed by the magnetic field peripheral threads have the highest velocity in the Light “ropes”. The compression is maximal in the center of the “rope”. The peripheral Threads, having the higher velocity, than another ones in the “rope”, constantly leave it what leads to scattering Light and the further general reduction of the “rope” magnetic field.

  Where, how, and in what sequence does Light come out?

  If you try to imagine the Universe with its galaxies, stars, planets, and its dimensions, you will get the impression it would too much complicated and multiform to have been ever explained practically.

  Such ideas come into head but for no knowledge. The knowledge show this is the very reverse of the truth. The Universe continuously generates and transforms mass in energy, and energy in mass under the several simplest principles to be hardly believed in for their simplicity.

  But the most amazing thing – for forming energy carriers and the matter (the chemical elements in all parallel worlds), it is necessary to have the same two conditions, the simplest ones:

1. a flux of particles (which are often various) of sufficient density. Only identical particles are able to form pentads in a flux like this. The basic position is the same for the chemical elements and energy carriers.

2. For forming the needles, threads, and ropes of energy carriers from the pentads, it is necessary to have a sharp transition boundary between the high-density flux of their forming and the sufficiently rarefied ambient space, in which the flux would be unable to form opposite pentads. For example, a filament of the usual electric bulb, where the flux is forming and its bulb vacuum, the Sun and the space vacuum and etc.

  A sharp boundary like this should be absent for forming the chemical elements. Otherwise, the flux should reduce smoothly its density. It will bring to forming pentads of the opposite direction and to automatic forming six-pointed “hedgehogs” similar to
Cartesian coordinates axes X, Y, and Z.

  Those two conditions were the Universe mystery. For answering the question where and how Light comes out, it is enough to answer the question of its carriers occurrence – neutrons and neutrinos. The question was answered in the item . There are carriers, there is a flux – obtain the matter and energy. Sequence of Light generating follows:

1. A “black hole” is absolute empty space in the moment of scattering the matter and energy. There is a gravitational flows’ area and a series of areas around the area of the absolute emptiness. It may be imagined as a small sphere – a “black hole” is inside of the larger one – it is the area of the gravitational flows. Those two spheres are inside of the larger one – the area of the magnetic fluxes, the three spheres are inside of the larger one – it is the area of the electromagnetic fluxes, those four spheres are inside of the fifth larger one – it is the scattered light area in which Light breaks down to neutrons, the five spheres are in the sixth one – it is the Light area. It should be mentioned the fact Light doesn’t reach the “black hole” at the moment when it is an absolute temporary emptiness. Later Light stalls breaking down in the neutrinos’ cloud.

2. At the initial time in that area, the gravitational flows are the particles’ fluxes of the broken down magnetic fields’ energy carriers filling the “black hole”, which income from all directions. As the flows are being compacted with particles in the “black hole”, the chemical elements begin forming there on the basis of neutrinos. By structure, the chemical elements from neutrinos are the same as ones from neutrons and look like the six-pointed “hedgehogs”. The gravitational flow is being compacted in the chemical elements and it looks as if they are “eating” the flow. Liquids and crystalline solids are formed from the chemical elements – gases, and they form the neutrinos’ cloud, which continuously grows, occupying spaces of the “black hole”, gravitational flows, magnetic, and electromagnetic fluxes, scattered Light and Light. As we see, there is no giant density from which even Light can’t break forth.

3. While coming against the gases, liquids, and crystalline solids – ice analogues, scattered Light and low density Light, in the form of the small threads, needles, and ropes, break down to the neutrons – the main thermal carriers in the 1-st parallel world. In increasing in density of the neutrons on the periphery of the neutrinos’ cloud (the dark matter), their flux towards the center occurs. There is the smooth flux, and will be a structure of the accustomed Earth’s chemical elements from which gases, liquids, and ice will begin forming. They will form accustomed for us clouds and not just from water, but also from sulphur, nitrogen, and etc. The neutrinos’ cloud (the dark matter) energy is socalled a “dark energy”. Enclosing the neutrinos’ clouds by the clouds on the basis of neutrons, in which Light breaks down, will bring to increasing in their electric potential. Having reached break-down voltage, directed to the cloud center lightning will occur to begin forming Light, which will pull behind it gases from neutrons. But after stalling and breaking down to neutrons in the neutrinos’ cloud, Light will provide conditions for forming gases again. So, with the help of the lightning, the neutrons together with the run across lightning will move to the center of the neutrinos’ cloud. We have considered now a start of the process in the globular galaxies, which are not very many. For the spiral galaxies with the gravitational field in the shape of the flat disc, let’s consider the situation when the gravitational flows have entered the “black hole” and trying to cross it moving in the circle. Farther, the processes run the same in the both kinds of galaxies. From any star,
the gravitational flow density will be maximal and it will be primary in twisting all coming flows. Eventually, a flat rotating circle of the gravitational flows will occur, possessing the higher density in the periphery at the initial moment. In permanent influx of the carriers in the “black hole”, the rotating circle density is increasing in and the moment becomes when the conditions are being established for forming pentads from neutrinos, then needles, and then gases from neutrinos. Incoming flows drive the gases to the axis of rotation. Having met on the axis, they begin flowing out along it, and in the result, a rotating disc with the stick-axis projecting from its two sides occurs. It’s a start of the invisible neutrinos’ cloud (so-called “dark matter”) formation. It begins growing from the stick-axis to the periphery. Having occupied the “black hole”, the cloud moderates the flows of the electromagnetic area increasing its density and continuing formation of the gases from that material, which absorb and that area. Dimensions of the rotating disc-cloud with the stick-axis have increased to the area scattered Light boundaries, within which the gases began forming as from neutrinos, and so from neutrons (like on the Earth). Gases from neutrons, first and foremost Hydrogen and Helium, have started sharply retarding the flows on the periphery of the disc-cloud, appearing they as a cloud. The electric potential, which secured occurring invisible regular lightning, has began rising. The lightning have started moving Hydrogen and Helium neutrons to the disc-cloud axis center. Density of the energy carriers and the gases mixture has increased in on the axis, and outbursts – leakages through the stick-axes have increased in too.

4. In increasing in neutrons density on the stick-axis, the lightning start forming neutrons’ bunches – these are globular lightning, which can exist rather longer than the usual lightning do.

  The neutrons’ bunch – the globular lightning instantaneously twists around two mutual perpendicular axes forming in the sphere, which scatters neutrons to the spherical areas. Neutrons’ fluxes form small needles, threads, and ropes of Light in the shape of the sphere, which move the ambient gases mixture off at some distance. The sphere boundary is an unstable vacuum bulb like in the common filament lamp. The globular lightning, having scattered neutrons, could either peacefully fade out, or, having received the priority direction of the outburst under the external action, transform into the ordinary lightning again. However, there is another variant, which doesn’t occur in the Earth. In very high density of the directed to the single center ordinary lightning, growing globular lightning with continuously rising electric potential is formed by the Bulb vacuum. The more grow
the globoid neutron body of the globular lightning and the bulb, the more generate ordinary lighting, spherically attacking it.

  Body increasing continues as long, as the bulb dimensions exceed possibilities of the given disc-cloud to produce sufficient quantity of lightning sustaining balanced process.

  After unbalancing, the globular lightning suppressed by the ordinary ones makes a strong outburst of its neutrons, which generate the first shock wave.

  After Landau and Lieftshits (theoretical physics), a shock wave is an explosion surface, on which the thermodynamics laws are unobservant.

  By neutron physics, the shock wave is a surface of small thickness, in which a chain reaction proceeds.

  With the first shock wave birth, the primary neutron body of the future star finished forming with the help of the lightning.

5. With the first shock wave occurring, the process has shifted. The process became thermonuclear. The shock wave crushed the stick-axis also. The lightning was forming the primary neutron body mainly from neutrons came from outside, and the shock wave processes the neutrinos’ gases of the disc-cloud, transforming them into neutrons.

  In moving from the primary body to the periphery of the disc-cloud, the first shock wave pulls after itself all material behind, making rarefaction zone around the body. Having reached dimensions, at which the chain reaction ceases, the shock wave fades out, and the neutrinos’ cloud rushes to the rarefaction zone to the primary body. After it has been reached, a new shock wave would be generated. The process became rhythmical, and the disc became a pulsar at first invisible and then visible. The rhythmical process proceeds till the last compression of the cloud cannot generate a shock wave.

6. The last compression of the cloud not generated a shock wave has occurred; the star neutron body throws to it its neutrons’ film, which in flowing from the spherical body, tears to strips, and in body rotating around the two axes, curls up into the threads-pipes, which start growing and try to throw aside the cloud. The growing threads and the compressed cloud remind a star surface heaving – it is a collapse.

7. In twisting the threads, it occurs as splintering neutrons, so generating Hydrogen, Helium, and etc. Let’s call that mixture as material. For example, on the Sun, diameter of such threads reaches from a hundred to a thousand kilometers. Such giant threads can twist between themselves, forming a structure like a tornado trunk. If you remember a fiber-optic luminaire, in which Light is radiated from the pipe end, it will have a strong resemblance to our giant thread.

  Let’s consider the giant thread principle of action.

  A spherical neutron body, for example of the Sun, rotating around the two axes, throws away tangentially a film tearing to strips, curling up in a lot of points on the Star surface into a thread-pipe, which consists of mainly from the neutrons’ pentads and
Hydrogen cubes, forming into rotating pipe-thread in that points. Due to centrifugal forces, a part of the material compacts the rotating pipe-thread sides, which are supported from all directions by the sides of another pipes-threads and it can’t scatter, as that can’t do the other threads. Having no structures, all energy carriers collide chaotically inside of the thread in the reduced density area, and it brings to their splintering and growing, and it is a chain reaction, i.e. a Hydrogen explosion, which generates a shock wave.

  At the presence of the circular flows, the denser rotating material of the thread sides automatically form structures in the shape of the needles, threads, and small ropes, both from the neutrinos – it is a magnetic field, and from the neutrons, which doesn’t have a name yet – it is a field by the structure like the magnetic one but on the larger carrier, let’s call it as a Maxi-field. The structures of such fields form strength sides of the pipethread, which withstand a thermonuclear explosion.

  A shock wave gets trapped and it has the very exit – moving along the thread to its outlet. Behind the shock wave, there is a vacuum zone, after which the material follows inside of the thread.

  Inside of the thread, the material flux automatically forms Light needles from the neutrons, which move faster, than the shock wave.

  A period of time of the shock wave motion along the thread is a time of the light pulse from the thread like in the fiber-optic luminaire. In exiting the shock wave from the thread in the vacuum zone behind it, the sides of the pipe-thread are compressed to the rarefaction zone and the remnant material chops away the thread end. Practically, the Light needles’ flux pulse stops, and simply, outburst of the mixed material with the thread side structures occurs – it’s a Solar wind.

  Let’s have a note Light comes out from the thread by pulse. Granules in the Sun photo are periods of the Light flashes and chopping the pipe-thread away are the dark spots. The thread length is defined by a period of time between the shock wave generating and the thread chopping away; it’s a Sun gaseous atmosphere altitude. The atmosphere altitude is 38, 400 km at the pulse duration for 160 minutes and a shock wave speed about 4 km/s.

8. The moment of a lot shock waves generations in the needles and mass Light needles outburst is a Supernova star flash and mass pressing neutrinos’ clouds remnants out from the Luminary by Light and the Solar wind.

  In the courses of time, a certain synchronization of the shock waves generation in the threads occurs and the star luminance increases in. If the neutrinos’ clouds’ remnants are enough large, planets will be formed from them.

  As we see, Light generation occurs thrice by the single scenario with the presence of a boundary:

1. Lightning - a high neutrons’ density – neutrinos’ cloud, and it is vacuum.
2. A neutron body of the globular lightning throwing away the neutrons’ film – vacuum “bulb” around it.
3. A solar pipe-thread, inside of which a shock wave pulls after itself neutrons and other particles (material), forming a flux, and between it and the material - Vacuum.

  The abovementioned regards to the Universe.

  All we are familiar to the Light artificial sources and it may be got the impression that they to generate Light like the stars, for instance. Meanwhile, such a conclusion will be wrong. The Light carriers – neutrons in the artificial sources are the star Light decay product, i.e. the secondary ones. The primary Light establishers in the Universe are the stars and globular lightning including super giant stars to be considered by us as stars, but actually they are “children” of the future stars, as at that circumstance influx of the neutron mass with lightning is higher than neutrons’ consumption by the globular lightning body and the future star is growing.

  What is a star? A star is a body, which generates Light in account of a loss in the proper mass, and it’s a crucial factor. If a body generates Light, increasing in its mass, it is either an “embryo”, or a “child” of the future star.